So we’re a mega-blog now (according to Jewsweek)? Did I really say that we offer “a glimpse into the future of mainstream Judaism?” Wow. What hubris! That Town Crier dude was right, speaking only for myself, I may indeed have a pole up my rumpuss. I have no idea why we get the attention we do (really, Lisa – no idea, I swear). I mean friggin Esther is a star as far as I’m concerned, but she’s a relatively recent addition. Michael’s writing is always entertaining, and even when he doesn’t write, the mess of his life always gives me a chuckle (anyone in Jerusalem need an experienced and reliable house sitter btw?). Laya always surprises me with the depth and sensitivity she demonstrates on her posts – I mean you look at the blonde hair, then read what she writes and it just doesn’t make sense… I am TheMiddle’s biggest fan, even if I don’t always agree with him – his insight and fastiduousness are always awe inspiring, even if he gets cranky sometimes. Muffti I just kinda feel sorry for and I hope his work on Jewlicious will qualify him for a job as a naked houseboy once he gets his PhD in Philosophy this year. Sorry, that’s Doctor Houseboy … And me? I am SOOOO nobody – a simple Moroccan Jew who knows shit from shinola. So like, who cares what we have to say? Why are you here? I know Lisa eloquently explains the blog thing in general when she stated:

To get a true picture, you have to read what ordinary people on the ground – people who write honestly and who are not being paid for expressing their thoughts and opinions or censored by an editor – are seeing and thinking.

But I don’t know. I never really did. I am just going to assume it’s because of the pretty pictures and occasional flash of cheesecake. Thanks for putting up with me – and I extend that thanks to my fellow posters who I occassionally annoy, my fellow bloggers who I often annoy and you guys who keep coming back. Well, anyways, I am off to celebrate Buy Nothing Day the Sabbath. Shabat Shalom!

P.S. Thanks for the plug Alli! Come back to us!

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Last time I called Laya blonde, she almost kicked my ass.

    But in any case, I agree with the central thrust of this post: OMG OMG I NEED A PLACE TO LIVE I’M SO TIRED OF BEING HOMELESS

    Seriously. I’m about to shave off my beard, get inflatable boobs and put on a skirt, because every single studio rental or sublet in Jerusalem is for “female SS SK NS ONLY!!!!” Damn. That shit’s discrimination.

    Oh yeah. And Jewlicious rocks. Now let me just adjust my pole….

  • Hmmmm….you’re wondering why Jewlicisous is a mega blog????? hmmmm…I wonder….

    Maybe the words J-FUCKING SIRPICCO, ZT’L mean ANYTTHING TO YOU????? 🙂


    Why are there no interviews of him – before he died? He was the only one NOT JEWISH MAINSTREAM! Anyone can do pee pee cah cah or s – e – x… or even politics yawn…


  • I would congratulate you on yet another public recognition but I have to say I m seriously disturbed and upset!!
    Not only that you ck do not speak against but you actully perpetuate the malicious prejudice. And you also have this detremental influance on the Jewlicious younglings (aka michael).

    I urge you to stop right away to denigrate the Poles.
    Neither me nor any of my fellow countrymen have ever, let me repeat ever been up anybody’s (especially yours) rumpuss.
    And tell Michael it s not a matter of an adjustment!!!!

    btw You rock! at least most of the times. MazaL Tov and gutten Shabbes.

  • Did I get this right? Was this woman a part of Jewlicious? Is she still on the “About us” section? And did she write a story focusing on Jewlicious without a “full disclosure?” And is this what your are schepping nachas about?

  • thanks tm! btw I dont expect you to put the “gut shabbes” according to Warsaw zmanim but you know there not that many Jews living west from where you live? So could you please put it earlier??

  • Jewish blogs inherently suck. U have either women mostly complaining about lack if men, u have some people going off the derech in some way, you have leftists who know nothing. But it’s a helluva lot of fun, beats the travel blogs.

  • i’m sure there are homosexuals in Poland who would disagree, ybocher.

  • Ummn…CK feels bad for Muffti? Wow…is Muffti dying or something?

  • Why are we here? I think Jean-Paul Sartre said it best when he said…how do you spell Sartre?
    But seriously, I think we all know that this site would literally not exist without CK. Some people may think that would have been a good thing, and some others keep hoping for some naughty pix. But I’ve always explained group blogs as a self-selected group of people with opinions, a magazine of ideas and perspectives, which could maybe benefit from some editorial polishing, but which creates an open dialogue that magazines don’t. In creating posts here, none of us expects to have the last word. And in fact, if we post something that generates no discussion at all, we feel cheated, or at least, disappointed.

    I like to think that we get the attention we get because of our passion, because of our very human, very relatable, very criticizable search for our own truths, as we try to create order, logic, humor, inspiration, or other things entirely from life’s daily chaos. Posts on Jewlicious, and blogs in general, are like our own little acts of creation every day as we aspire to a more complete understanding of the world we’re in.

    Plus, the intricacy of human drama that plays out here in text and subtext is unparalleled.

    With love,
    Friggin’ Esther (not to be confused with “fricken babies”)

  • Deep Esther, very deep. Plus, it helps we insomniacs to know there are others out there experiencing a sleepless night and it sorta beats talking to yourself, your fish or your dog; AND, blogging is a great time-waster when you need to procrastinate an anxiety-producing important project.

  • Still you should let others make posts. Someone’s blog he has it that you submit your post to him and then he posts it. U should do something like that.

    You have no idea on what you’re missing.

  • Kelsey: I’d hardly say Ali focused on Jewlicious … sheesh. Also Ali hasn’t posted in months! Her limited involvement in Jewlicious is no secret, as you quickly discovered.

    Oh and Ali, your bag-o-cash in small unmarked bills is on its way. I just sent off another bag-o-cash to that New York Times guy too. Our plans for Jewlicious domination of the Jewish Blogosphere is progressing smoothly …

  • Word up, CK. World domination is going well. Now, can you frigging spell my name right?


  • ck! if you want dominate also the barbarian outstretches of Europe let me know. Or just send the money!

  • jewlicious is dopelicious, that’s old news; i should know: i haven’t taken weed in the months its been my life :-).
    Seriously though, you guys rock; its self evident.