AwwwThe men got together over bowls of vegatarian soup to discuss important stuff and air out grievances. He made his points and I made mine and we basically agreed that ad hominem attacks against each other should cease. We felt that in doing so we would be true to our shared Jewish values by diminishing lashon harah and encouraging continued and open discussion across ideological divides. That having been said, we both agreed that this entente does not mean that we mean to stifle disagreement – we’ll continue to call each other nasty nammes to task when inevitable disagreements come up. The point is, I think, that we’ll just try to be nicer about it. The Soup Sulha has already made itself felt. I was going to call this post “ck makes mobius his little bitch” and then go on to explain that I was only kidding and that we were cool again but then laya, who played an intermediary role at the meeting, punched me. Hard. Damn that girl has a good right hook. So, uh, lets try to be nicer, ok? The Jewlicious/Jewschool war is now over!

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Echoes of Brokeback Mountain…may your Oscar buzz be similarly vast.

    These are chevlei mashiach, surely. Here’s to continued shalom in the bloggity bayit.

  • Echoes of Brokeback Mountain

    😆 Hilarious!

    Well, it’s nice to see you all made up, kids. From now on, if I have anything to say about Jewschool, I’ll always be sure to check with the co-founders of Jewlicious to make sure my comments are adult-like and inoffensive. 😉

  • TM – no one’s advocating the pussification of Jewlicious. I think some of the things we’ve said in the past caused hurt and I like razzing people, but not to the point of hurting them. Remember when we used to play bball in high school? We’d trash talk each other and whip each other in the butt with towels after the game etc. etc. It was all in good fun and we’d remain friends afterwards? Well, if one of my buddies came to me and told me “Yo. You over did it there and hurt my feelings” I would moderate my behavior. I’d still play just as competitively but with less trash talk. So it’s the same thing here. Feelings have been hurt so what can you do?

    You don’t have to clear your comments through me – I like to think of Jewlicious as an anarchist collective with no power structure. You go ahead and write whatever you feel is appropriate and try not to be hurtful ie avoid ad hominem attacks.

    If it makes you feel any better, attacks against me are A-OK. It is, as always, open season on ck.

  • Look at me…I’m part of an anarchist collective. This was so not in my high school yearbook. I feel like I should have more body piercings.

    I guess my generation’s philosopher John Bender was right: one person stood up, then other people stood up, then there was anarchy.

  • Question for the posters: What’s to make fun of about ck? I’m looking for ammo. I still haven’t received the Everything is Illuminated prize pack. I don’t think he ever sent it in. FLAKE.

  • Okay, ck, I’ll try to moderate the towel-butt-whipping while still feeling like I’m one cool, tough anarchist blogging mofo. By the way, how are the co-founders doing? How is Michael doing? How is Israel treating you, other than getting you sweet hugs from Mobius?

  • *Groan*


    Whatever. Welcome back, Jewschoolers. So long as Muffti doesn’t have to start hugging you guys, shalom aleichem. For the record, you can keep on calling us ‘brownshirts’ as you like.

  • Was that really necessary, ck? The picture, I mean.

    I guess it’s nice that you guys decided to lay off the baseless hatred and whatever, But I coulda done without actually having to see the kissy-kissy stuff.

  • Ephraim! There was no kissy-kissy! OK I may have felt him up a little, but I definitely didn’t kiss him. Not on the lips annyway.

  • Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    BTW, at long last I managed to download the thoughts of both of those boys in the picture above.

    CK: This rocks…my little bubbelah’s finally home!

    Mobius: Can’t…breathe…must…keep…smiling…

  • Is it just me, or are they coordinating with the whole baseball cap & squarish glasses thing? BTW, is it a bit of a flag that you’re an American if you wear a baseball cap in Israel?

  • oh! it is an open season on ck?! wow, great i gotta come up with something. when does it end? any discounts for students?

  • taltman: Yes, I have yet to see an Israeli in a baseball cap. People also tend to address me in English when I am wearig one.

    josh: The point of this meeting had nothing to do with the feed and link at all. Mobius can add those whenever he likes, or not at all. That’s up to Jewschool. We just didn’t want any bad feelings, especially since we travel in similar circles and Jerusalem really is a very small city.

  • Jerusalem really is a very small city

    the largest Israeli municipality is a ‘very small’ city. Someone living in NYC told me the same thing about Manhattan, as if he’s met ‘almost’ every single Jewish girl there.

  • Damn it, ck! I liked it when y’all were fighting; it was a totally cool battle of wits. Come on call off the truce! (sob sob)

  • Now now Joy. Nothing’s changed really. We’re still going to forcefully express our disagreement with Jewschool or anyone with whom we disagree (including each other). Except now we’ll try hard to avoid ad hominem attacks. That means I won’t call Kelsey a cunt, or call people at Jewschool nasty names etc. all in the spirit of fostering, you know, dialogue and stuff. Is that so wrong Joy?

  • I couldn’t help notice that jewschool hasn’t linked back to you or put in that feed thing. Why is that?

  • Joy: Well yeah, there’s that hurtful thing. Once you’ve been put on notice that your well intentioned behavior is hurting someone, continuing that behavior is bully-like. I’m a lot of things but i’m no bully.

    SHMULEY: Uh, that’s entirely up to them. Maybe they’re busy or don’t wanna do it or who even knows! Either way it doesn’t change anything.

  • So let me see if I understand this because I am not so so smart. Jewschool was mad at you and took down links and feeds to Jewlicious. Now your friends again but while Jewishy Irishy gets a link, Jewlicious doesn’t? In the meantime, you continue to send them traffic??

    Around here we have a word for that kind of selfless behavior. That word is FRIAR!

  • Links happen. Except for when they don’t. I link to people who don’t link to me, and v.v.–dem’s the laws o’the jungle, kids. Each person can do whatever he or she wants. Let’s say, for instance, you would like to have fricken babies, and are a man and have no place for the fetus to gestate. I would not pass a law allowing you to have babies, but a law allowing you the right to have babies. I’m that fair.

    And don’t forget our accidental mantra.
    Welcome to Jewlicious: Where our delusions of grandeur and mutual admiration for each other are rivaled only by our self-loathing and in-fighting. “Just like the Jewish people, only bloggier!”

  • Links? LINKS? We don’t need no steenkin’ links.

    Seriously. The last thing we need is more people reading our drivel. Muffti personally hopes that Jewschool never puts any links to our site. Safe, narrow content (with gratuitous boobies) written by brownshirts is the kind of thing you should have to do some work to see.

    Howz that for self loathing?

  • Well then, since everybody agrees that links are meaningless, surely we can find other sites that have better content than Jewschool and we can link to them. Right? After all, our links don’t help Jewschool – links, shminks – and neither does the constantly updated rss feed that shows the headlines of their new articles.

    Funny, but I have always thought that friendship goes both ways.

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