I know it’s not as exciting as the Yeshivish Video Subculture but as part of a recent update to its Web site, The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive at the Hebrew University has made about 300 films available for online viewing.

The Archive is one of the world’s largest collections of Jewish documentary film footage, holding over 10,000 titles on film and video. The vaults contain material shot in Israel before and after the establishment of the State in 1948, motion picture records of Jewish communities in the Diaspora before and after the Holocaust, and two special collections relating to the Holocaust … In addition to its moving image holdings, the Archive maintains a documentation center containing print materials and still photographs relating to Jewish, Israeli and Yiddish film.

The 300 films can be accessed by clicking here. Highlights include many of those old grainy black and white flicks they used to show you at Hebrew School, about Israel. Those reflect a less ambiguous Israel and hearken back to a simpler time. *sigh* Thanks to Arutz Sheva for brilliantly reproducing the Archive’s press release.

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