Ghetto Hanukkah

Day Seven

Sorry I couldn’t get day 6 up on time – but given that you have to light your candles just before shabat, there just wasn’t enough time to upload the pic and write something clever. It was an interesting night though. The sixth night will always and forevermore be seared into my memory as the ghetto night. Don’t ask… let’s just say that when the dude says you have to step out just to change your mind, he wasn’t kidding. Well, at least I got to greet the sabbath at the kotel and no one forced me to go to church like Red Headed Jewish Girl. There’s the poster girl for the success of interfaith families … Well, on to happier things. Like dreidels! What can be happier than a dreidel? How about a 7.6 meter (about 20 feet) dreidel? That’s what my pal Yoni Petel and his buddies built back in Canadia. Why? Because that’s just what crazy Montrealers do! Hey, it beats goin’ to church. Or hanging out at Lizzie Grubman’s Holiday party. Fun, fun, fun! Enjoy the last day of 2005 and the 7th day of Hanukkah.

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  • Baruch At. Hag Semach and if I could figure out how to post my 6th night Chanukkiah I would. Shalom veh Shabbat Shalom.

  • Happy Sylvester from NYC! Anyone with Sirius Satellite Radio should tune in to channel 140 at 3pm to hear my radio debut, in an interview StudioJ…

    Not Siriusified? After broadcast, the interview will be available at the Bnai Brith website or over at MyUrbanKvetch.

  • From the article about the giant dreidel: Each side has a Hebrew letter that stands for “skip a turn,” “take all the prizes,” “take half the prizes,” and “return all winnings to the kitty.”

    Um, oy.
    And also, happy 2006!

  • That’s fantastic. I have the exact same menorah. it’s the first time i have ever seen the same one before.