Day 1At Chateau Laybecca, Jerusalem
Well, it’s the first day of Hanukkah, or Chanukah or whatever it is you want to call it. I hope you all lit candles and are eating oily treats, sufganiyot, sfenj or latkes. Maybe you’re playing with your dreidl too! Surely you’re well rested after Nitl Nacht, the one day a year on Christmas Eve where you’re not supposed to study Torah (I know, I know, ma nishtana ha laylah ha zeh… oy). Perhaps you want to contemplate weighty issues, such as the historical origins of Hanukkah as a bloody civil war between Jews who wanted to maintain their way of life, vs. Jews who wanted to be a part of the prevailing Hellenistic cultural norm (reverse circumcisions – read all about it!).

Or maybe you just want some good entertainment? Fair enough. Here’s this year’s crop of just-in-time-for-Chanukah funny stuff for you to enjoy. There’s Christmastime for the Jews, Robert Smigel’s Saturday Night Live TV Funhouse claymation. Perhaps you might enjoy Sarah Silverman’s Give The Jew Girl Toys (“Hey, Santa! You’ve got as much to do with Jesus as you do with Scooby Doo!”). You may also want to revisit a classic with some, but not much Jewish content – South Park’s Jesus vs. Santa. And what is Hanukkah without some Hassidic tinged hip hop? Check out the appropriately named Jew Da Maccabi’s Iron Like a Lion Video and while you’re at it, how about some Hassidic reggae and Matisyahu’s new video for King Without a Crown. I’m sure I missed tons – feel free to share any other cool Chanukah stuff with us here, from the literary to the satirical to the just plain silly.

Lots of Christmas stuff here, I know, but what with the War on Christmas thing and the proximity of both, dare I say it, holidays, it’s only natural. Consequently, you may want to know more about how the other side lives, you may even decide to look up “baby Jesus” on Google. If you do, don’t click on the first link. Unless you want to buy baby Jesus butt plugs from the biggest range of butt plugs in Australia.

Yay! Happy Chanukah!

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • You North Americans who have moved to Israel, I salute you. You are teh best of our generation, everything Jewish here in NA is silliness and a joke. Only a person of your stature is worthy of respect.

  • Hey, I noticed that box that says “Jewschool” in it over on the right. It has little dots next to links to their last 10 posts. Also, the word “Jewschool” is a link and will also take you to that site. I click on that link every once in a while and lo and behold, when I seek the equivalent box on that amazing site…it’s not there.

    Sure is a bitchy world out there.
    ck, you reading?

  • bitter: This post contains 12 external links, of which 5 had at one point or another been mentioned on Jewschool. Lifted from jewschool? Not so much. At jewlicious we get tons of email with links to cool sites. We also share whatever sites we come across with each other. The implication that I simply went to Jewschool and coppied links from multiple stories spanning a period of 2 weeks is really just silly. Jewschool and Jewlicious often address similar issues and if Jewschool gets to a story first I am more than likely to just drop it unless our take offers something new. I do this specifically to avoid the the notion that you are currently promoting. As the_middle notes, we have a Jewschool RSS feed on our site. We do this to promote dialog – not in order to lift content. Hopefully future dialog will be less petty. I don’t care if Jewschool doesn’t reciprocate. That’s their perogative.

  • Forget the war on Xmas…let’s stick to the infighting over nothing, a field in which we Jewish bloggers have attained an embarrassing level of excellence.

  • There’s Christmastime for the Jews, Robert Smigel’s Saturday Night Live TV Funhouse claymation link doesn’t work anymore, does anyone know where i can find it?