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Motivated by the desire to get free publicity on Gawker milk of human kindness and hospitality, we hooked up with Gawker Mascot Andrew Krucoff last night. Andrew landed in Jerusalem a couple of days ago to spend a couple of weeks learning at Aish Hatorah about this Judaism thing.

ck: So do you know how to get into town?
Andrew: Uh, no. I just got here.
ck: Have you left the Old City at all since you got here?
Andrew: Uhm, no.
ck: Do you speak any Hebrew?
Andrew: Dude, I only just found out about this Hashem guy 2 days ago…

Anyhow, I taught Andrew how to say Kikar Tzion and we met at Zion Square last night. Also in attendance was Laya and Mobius, you know, that dude from Jewschool, as well as a random collection of motely Jerusalemites. Andrew informed us that his girlfriend, who he says is Modern Orthodox (because she eats Hebrew National Salami maybe?), suggested he spend a couple of weeks in Jerusalem learning a thing or two about Judaism. Andrew has like, zilch Jewish background. he never had a bar mitzvah and never heard of this Massada place. Well, we had some badatz (ultra-mega kosher) felafel and drank lots and lots and lots of Maccabi beer.

The gang Too much beer maybe?

Pictured above are Andrew, Mobius and Laya talking with their hands like the Jews that they are. To the left of that pic is a shnockered Laya (boys take note: only 3 beers needed to achieve shnockerdness), me and Yosef Crack of Cannabis Chassidus and the infamous naked Shabbat (please, don’t ask).

Well, Andrew seems to be adjusting ok. While we observed no evidence of brainwashing, Andrew definitely seemed pleased for a reprieve from the Yeshiva life (he asked if it was ok to take his kippah off – how cute is that??). Andrew showed interest in having his picture taken with a female Israeli soldier, but I am certain his girlfriend will be pleased to know that he didn’t once enquire about getting it on with Israeli babes. That may be because he has no interest in such things, or because he’s already been given the lowdown on such things. Now he’s off to Tel Aviv to hang out with fellow blogger and good buddy Jacob Shwirtz of Koret Communications. While perusing Tel Aviv nightlife, I am sure they can both discuss what its like to have significant others who are more religious than you. Have fun kids! Stay out of trouble and shabat shalom!

So? Do we get commenting privileges on Gawker now, or what? Who exactly do we have to blow to get some east coast media cred?? Sheesh …

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Get the poor kid out of aeshe ‘haTorah’. There are so many real Yeshivas in Israel. Why get yourself messed up for life? Or better yet, volunteer on a religious Kibbutz and read.

  • oops! Gothamist not as wise to Jewlicious as they are to Jewschool, but then, Gothamist is a very important New York City blog, so I guess that makes sense. They know who they need to know.

    In send us a link section Jake Dobkin wrote:

    “Jewlicious ? Gawker Mascot Alive and Well in Jerusalem”

    But hey, even with the “?” you made Gothamist too!

  • Shame on you two for leaving Michael behind. I’m just beginning to understand my having been excluded, but Michael’s a local…

  • ck was gonna call michael. but was concerned about leading the youth off the righteous path of homework and ulpan study. We don’t need another “ohmygod i have a midterm tomorrow an don’t even have the book i need to study from because i was…baking with friends when i should have been looking at my syllabus” incident. Do we Michael?

  • Oy Kelsey. When are you going to learn? We’re not competing with you, capish? We wish Jewschool nothing but the best. Heck, we even had Mobius over at Chateau LayBecca (Beit Jewlicious Jerusalem) for Shabat dinner. Again, we’re not competitors. OK?

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