2nd strikeIran please take note
Iran today called for tenders to build two more 1000 megawatt nuclear facilities. It also stated that it would proceed with the processing of highly enriched Uranium – handy in the production of nukes, but unneccesary for the production of electricity. Mohamed el-Baradei, head of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency today noted that Iran could be “a few months away” from a nuclear weapon once it resumes processing of highly enriched Uranium.

Meanwhile in Israel, former PM Benjamin Netanyahu and the presumptive next leader of an eviscerated Likud party, advocated the use of a pre-emptive strike against Tehran’s nuclear program. In doing so he recalled Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin’s 1981 airstrike that destroyed Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor while it was being built. The fact that a single attack on a single target wouldn’t have any permanent effect on Iran’s nuclear program means that Netanyahu was just talking out of his ass in an attempt at pre-election posturing.

More relevant was today’s announcement that Israel was purchasing two more Dolphin-class subs from Germany. According to the Germans, the subs aren’t supposed to carry nuclear warheads on their surface-to-surface Harpoon cruise missiles. Yeah. For sure Gerhard. No nukes on these subs that have a range of 4,500 miles and can remain submerged for a month. Anyhow, with the purchase of these subs, Israel has further enhanced its second strike capability, guaranteeing that any Ayatollah-led regime fool enough to lob an atomic weapon on Israel will itself soon be nuked to Kingdom Come thanks to trusty submarine borne missiles. It’s classic Cold-War era MADD (mutual assured death and destruction) so maybe it’ll work as an effective deterrent. Of course in those days, even the Russians were relatively rational, whereas the Iranian leadership today? Uh… not so much. Here’s hoping for the emergence soon of an Iranian Gorbachev to stop all this stupidity.

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