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I’m sure it comes as no surprise to many that I am a bit of a geek. One of the more annoying manifestations of my geekiness relates to Jewlicious, wherein I sometimes obsessively pore over my site stats. In doing so I can see who links to us, where our traffic comes from and basically keep a finger on the site’s pulse. The other day I noticed many hits coming from a site called the Vanguard News Network. Subtitled No Jews. Just Right. the site purports to present relevant news, devoid of a specifically Jewish influence, to its white power readers.

This group of “disgusted and disaffected writers driven out of academia and journalism by … Semitical Correctness” grace us with newsworthy gems like this:

Order springs naturally from whites, whereas coloreds always present what might be euphemistically termed animal husbandry problems. Whites don’t NEED niggers – or the jews who sicced them on us. Jews need us to supply the blood they suck. Niggers need us to supply orange sodas and the magical stamps that bring them. ZOG cannot tolerate even the existence of other options because those other options would prove so attractive to so many that even the dullest massman would come to see that a giant trick had been played on him, that he was ZOG’s all-day sucker.

I dunno – maybe they were really driven out of academia because their writing sucks? Or driven out of journalism because they didn’t know the difference between editorializing and news? Well fellas, goood luck getting another job in your field any time soon! But these losers have nonetheless created quite a little network of sorts thanks to the power of the interweb!

They have a streaming audio radio show (VNN Radio presents Adolf und Franz and the drive time Hitler show – Making your morning commute 100% white! Seig Heil!) book, music and movie reviews, a Museum of Jewish Crimes and, most notably a quite busy and active forum.

Reading through the forum is quite an eye opening experience. My first thought was who gave all these idiots Internet access? Also, it was a post on the forum, linking to Jewlicious, that first introduced me to VNN, and that’s where the fun begins …

See some dude called ittybitty thought one of our graphics was quite hilarious. Here’s what the page looked like when I first got there:

VNN Before

Turns out they not only found my graphic “hilarious” but they linked directly to it! That’s annoying because they are essentially stealing my bandwidth. However, it also allows me to do a little social engineering. What I then did was create a new graphic containing a heartfelt message and then I replaced the original graphic with the new one. Thus, when anyone goes to the post in question this is what they’ll see (at least until the moderators take it down or fix it or whatever):

VNN After

Lessons learnt? Don’t be a hate mongering racist prick and take your meds. But if you are going to be a hate mongering racist prick, and you’re going to broadcast that fact all over the Internet, download all graphics onto your own server! Never link directly to another graphic!!

Happy Hanukkah VNN! You are a Hate Site of the Weak!

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Well done, ck! I stumbled upon their site when searching on something Israel-related last week – I forget what my search term was, but VNN was the third highest hit. Scary.

  • ROTFLMAO, ck, this is great! They are probably still scratching their collective ass as to what ittybitty was trying to say.

  • The same lovely folks that Google thought of as a legitimate news source.

    Start getting a life indeed.

  • I screwed up the last post–meant to quote the poster who said, “I believe I was doing an image search on google, for jew and I got that.”

  • Akira, you so need to activate commenting…with liberty and traffic for all! Happy new year from Simmy’s sister….

  • Yes, Jeff, it was Google – forgot to mention that.
    Happy New Year to all! Oh, an amusing anecdote: I used to date a Jewish guy from Boston who had a wicked accent. Growing up he always misheard Before the Common Era as “Before the Common Error”, as in the error of dating things via JC. If you’ve never met one, Bostonians leave out the Rs in the middle of words and tack them onto the ends of words ending in vowels. OK, maybe it wasn’t so amusing if I had to explain it in such detail…

  • Oh my, what with that forum they’ve got a lot more highbrow since I stumbled across them a few years ago (when I did a search for a timeline of Pigu’im in Israel. They used to have this timeline of all the “terrors” we’ve perpetrated on the world. Just lovely.)

    Great job with the Graphic. And just for that I’m going to vote for you for best series in those silly JIBs.

  • Happy New Year….it’s still there…those guys are lazy and stupid it’s good to know what we’re up against.

  • Ok, whats up with google shit people been talking here?

  • ehhh.. I looked at that site; the creator is located in Kirksville MO, thats where my sister goes to med school. Ugh. Thats not a good thought.

  • Revel in your slop, douche. We are able to pinpoint you on this planet, along with all the drivel you write. Do you even have the testicular fortitude to actually debate on VNN? Or are you too scared to face us? I think you are scared your own shadow.

  • Hey DaleVM! Please pinpoint away! If you had any sack at all you’d be busting down my door right now. Nope, door’s intact, unlike that shriveled up pea in between your legs you call a “dick.” I will and I have faced your kind before. I mean face to face, not this bullshit Internet crap. I kicked your asses then and I will kick your asses any time. Know why? Because you’re all little chicken shits. I don’t debate racist chicken shits. I make them bleed like the little bitches they are. Have a nice day stupid!

  • Thanks for sharing your picture. I’ll give it to my kamerades for future reference.
    You think your a tough talking tapir, aren’t you Shlomo?

    • DaleVM, like I said, I’ve dealt with pussies like you before! I’m now in New Orleans. Come and get me you stupid fucktard. I need to shine my boots with Nazi blood.