Some dude called Brandon Perkins for this gem:

Chocolate gelt sack
A new pair of crew-cut socks
Worst Hanukkah ever

Why does chocolate gelt always come in those damn sacks?

I have no idea Brandon. But you go and have a good time at tonight’s Jewcy Chanukah Benefit Party Thang. Say Hello to Perry Farrell and grandmuffti and esther. Yay! By the way, not that it matters or anything, but Perkins, hmm… uh, so like, where are your people from? I’m guessing Lodz. Am I right? Am I?

The party is tonight, Sunday, December 11 at 8 pm at Crobar, 530 W. 28th St., New York, NY. Entertainers include Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Saturday Night Live star Rachel Dratch, Hip hop provocateur Princess Superstar, Celebrated female rappers Northern State, The Cast of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, The Daily Show’s Eric Drysdale, Actress/comedian Jackie Hoffman, Comic genius Judy Gold, Funnyman Todd Barry, Comedian Rebecca Drysdale and many more of today’s most celebrated Jewish artists … including Perry Farrell (aka DJ Peretz) who will DJ between acts and perform on stage. So like, go ok?

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  • Way back in the day when the family did the Ellis Island thing I believe Perkins was somewhere along the lines of Perkowitz.

  • hey hey hey! did anybody mention some polish town? ck? you did? you keep surprising me. you will have to explain yourself at J@ TB 2.o. and so what if brandon’s family is from lodz? you shouldn’t take his prize away just because he is not from warsaw like ybocher. lodz is ok too.

  • Sorry I missed, coughing up yellow stuff in the comfort of my baby’s care. How many of the ladies of Northern State are MOT, I wonder?

  • Yeah, Muffti just got back as well. Thanks for the kind treatment, Jewcy! Stories of the soiree will be forthcoming.

  • EV (if I may borrow the third-person) is still drinking, although he has returned home. (Princess Superstar is “freshening up” in the bathroom.) Good to meet you (Muff) and see you (Esther).

  • You too, EV! Next time, after Muffti is done with his ‘give me a professorship’ interviews, Muffti will do a proper night of drinking witcha.