He really dug the shirt. Really.Aint no party like a Kikar party cuz a Kikar party don’t stop
So there we were, Rebecca, Laya and I, waiting for Michael, Mayer and Gawker mascot Andrew Krucoff. Kikar Tzion (Zion Square) was buzzing with the usual post Shabbat crowd. The Breslovers were pogoing to their ridiculous Nachman Meuman rejigged euro-pop/techno crap, a frummy reggae band was getting ready to play and my arsi friends got into a fist fight. Once the band started, who does Rebecca spot 2 feet in front of us but none other than Hassidic Reggae Superstar Matisyahu. So we chatted a little, took some pics, he said he liked my shirt and then he did an impromptu song with the band (Acharit HaYamim) followed by a little hora action with the Breslavers.

Matisyahu also graciously signed autographs for all the ga-ga Yeshiva kids. After about 15 minutes though, he took off for his sold out show that evening. No. We didn’t have tickets, but we did have that one song and lots of beer. Oh… and wwe found out that he’s really keen on attending MarleyFest in Long Beach on President Day’s Weekend. Just sayin …

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