2nd night… Esther sent to me …
Tonight we lit 2 candles, or seven if we followed beit Shamai instead of beit Hillel. They say that when the messiah comes, we will all follow the stricter beit Shamai, but for now however, we follow the more lenient beit Hillel school of thought. Maybe tomorrow we’ll look at what those schools of thought say about Hanukkah because tonight, everyone’s busy with the awesome Chanookah gift basket Esther sent us all from America! I mean, cashews, a bottle of Reisling, cookies and candies and chocolate gelt. YUM! Thanks Esther! Also on display, ironic chestnuts NOT roasting on an open shamash candle as well as a Sfenj (Moroccan doughnut – click on link for recipe). Between me and the sfenj, we’re pretty much the only Moroccan things in all of Rechaviah! OK. Happy 2nd day of Hanukkah all y’all!

Oh, funny story. When the gift basket dude came to make the delivery, Rebecca was home and answered the door. He asked if she was Laya. Rebecca answered “No, Laya is my roomate.” A sly grin spreading on his face, gift basket dude then replied “Oh really? Would you liking to be my roomate?” Heh … silly gift basket dude!

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