AsswipeBradley Burstyn at Haaretz writes:

The day after the bomber hit the detonator at that last-minute checkpoint, killing himself, the officer, a Palestinian taxi driver, and another Palestinian, the headlines in Israel referred to the slain second lieutenant Ori Binamo by his first name only, as if his loss was felt by nearly every household in Israel. Because it was.

This is the lesson that Palestinians would be well advised to learn about the people on this side:

You have made a new kind of martyr hero in the Holy Land, the kind who keeps the shahid from making Jewish infants and Jewish mothers into martyrs against their will.

You have demolished your cause by restoring our faith in the concept that there are those who believe strongly in the elimination of the Jewish people by violent means.

You may believe that you invented steadfastness and stubbornness. Think again.

Now is the time to decide. Hamas listens to public opinion. Make it known. You have a choice. You can play with your guns, or you can have a country.

There is a new kind of Israel, a better one, in fact, for which, perversion of perversions, we have the suicide bomber to thank.

This Israel will be harder to defeat that the enemy you faced five years ago. You have only yourselves to thank. You and your bomber.

Nice! Bradley, if you ever decide you want to write for Jewlicious instead of Haaretz, let me know …

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  • It would be more effective to win, to punish these people more severely than Israel does. I am sick of grieving Israeli, and sicker of this type of writer, who refuses to get mad.

    What is he doing, baiting these mad animals of terrorists? A complete moron,sorry I know you all mean well.

  • No joke. Explain to me how we are stronger? I see further expulsions and further terrorism… appeasing those who want to kill you never makes for a better scenario.

  • The point of the article, Tovya, is that our resolve is strengthened despite the attacks. That when someone like Ori does what he did, he is like a son of all of Israel and his heroics touch all Israelis.

  • You guys continue to be condescending.

    These Palestinian Arabs do not think like you with your western values. Projecting your emotions onto them is plain ignorance. I only had to read a bit about sociology to understand this.

    If anything, the Palestinians are equally guilty of projecting their values onto us. They also view Ori as a simple martyr in our cause. We grieve another untimely tragic death of a Jew, they see him as a mere statistic in ‘our’ war against them.

    The Palestinians are not learning anything about our resolve by his death and homely treatment our martyrs. They do learn much more about us when we pick up and retreat, under fire and their ‘pressure’, from land we had lived on.

    Why do people like to ignore the endless amount of Arabs who commented that our retreat from Lebanon would lead to more retreats, and subsequent Arab ‘prophecies’ of how our retreat from Gush Katif would lead to more retreats? There is no proof of Jewish resolve to stay, only many examples of a nation losing the will to stay and fight.

  • What I propose.

    Every suicide bomber who is caught, whether he was ‘successful’ or not.

    His parents and all his relatives homes are destroyed.
    The entire neighborhood he came from, walloped to bits.

    Do it once or twice, they will stop.

    They are not morons. They are people just like you are.

  • As much as I would like to believe this article, it is rubbish. We are suffering massive casualties on our own soil. We are fractioned as a people, there are those who still hope the PA will show us “something”. THey’ve only showed us how treacherous and diabolical they can be.

  • Exactly, because Israel does not take control of the problem, hoping for someone else to do the dirty work, when they must.

  • no Jobber, not waiting for anyone else since we know the world does give a crap. what we are waiting for is a paradigm shift that will only be signaled by the ‘mega’ attack in which masses of Jews are massacred. Before that happens, (or mashiach coming to redeem us first), nothing will change.