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Last night, Laya and ck went to the “Mega Event” at Binyanei Haumah in Jerusalem. For those of you who don’t know, one of the highlights of most taglit-birthright israel trips is a big show featuring song and dance numbers, stilt walkers a huge dance party and thousands of cheering birthright Israel trip participants from around the world. Prior to the main event, there is a tony cocktail reception held for trip organizers, taglit-birthright israel staff, heads of various Jewish organizations and the philanthropists who make it all happen. We were there because of our peripheral involvement with birthright. While I took advantage of the modest but tasty goodies served, Laya hobnobbed like a pro and exchanged a few words with some of the major donors, namely Charles Bronfman (left, aka Roger Bennett’s boss) and Michael Steinhardt (right, aka Pimp Daddy). Are they giving us money? Nope. Do we need it? Again, nope. But they do according to Bronfman. So if you know any untapped Jewish bazillionaires, or if you have some spare change behind your sofa, send them Chuckie’s way – help a bruthuh out, birthright isn’t gonna run itself ya know.

All that’s impotant is that we all got together to celebrate one one of the most audacious projects ever undertaken by the Jewish community. 98,000 kids so far, and counting. Thanks guys. And the onion quiche was awesome.

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  • Yasher koach, guys. Glad you enjoyed the reception.

    But never turn down money. Or maybe that’s my freelancer’s experience talking.

  • What happened to your Winter Jewlicious Birthright trip? You did a pretty good job with us last summer, when do you get another group to amuse, entertain and educate?

  • It was really cool for me to finally hang out with the Jewlicious staff… who were more fun than anyone else in the swanky VIP room. Keep up the Jewing!

  • The mega event was….mega to say the least. Ive never seen so manz drunk jews dancing in my entire life. Ironically, my 22+ trip had one of the strictest curfews around so our night was cut short. Glad you guys had fun!

  • Maybe we can get Bronfman to pose in the I Love Hashem t-shirt and put him up instead of Kathleen – haven’t the ladies been clamoring for some beefcake action?

  • Hey Jacob, remember, you hung out with me before I was Jewlicious. And in NYC, no less…anyway, glad you got to meet some of the other “gang members,” which sounds so much more threatening than we could ever be…

  • The “Hate Site of the Week” link doesn’t work. Of course I should just vote for Dov Bear since I nominated the verkokte series anyhow.

  • I got to see Laya working a room sometimes, that would be the ultimate. Too bad you don’t have a tape of that, or can u?

  • did michael end up going with you two? he looks the type who is dying to pass out surveys to strangers.

    pimp daddy doesn’t give money to birthright? i thought that that guy funded the world.

  • I LOVED IT what a truly MEGA event…so international..anyway i just wanted to say that..oh ya by the way, i met bronfman in person the day before, because my bus was from his hometown, montreal

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