BikkurimBikkurim Deadline Rapidly Approaching
Bikkurim is like the idealabs of innovative Jewish programs – except without the ridiculous sock puppet. Based out of New York, Bikkurim seeks to energize and enrich “the North American Jewish community by finding innovative Jewish ideas and nurturing them to sustainability.” Following the business incubator model, Bikkurim offers New York based Jewish innovators office space, technical assistance, networking opportunities and even some cash. So if you think you have the next JDub Records, Heeb Magazine or Limmud NY (all current or past resident groups) please begin your application process NOW. Your pre-application is due March 1st!! Otherwise, if this post is too late or if you totally missed the Bikkurim banner that’s been sitting on the side of the page for the last two weeks, well at least check out the very informative Web site so that you can prepare for the next round of applications.

Hat tip to Samantha Roth (no relation to Philip …), Bikkurim’s Administrative Coordinator for taking the time to introduce me to the ins and outs of the organization.

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  • hey ck,

    next time can give us application deadlines like a day before? that way we can really not get things done on time. thanks.

    the yeled.

  • good not hangin with you last week. Where did you disappear to? Anyhow, we had the banner ad running for weeks! WEEKS! In any case, folks will know for next time, k?

  • haven’t been attending to blogging duties, with work creeping up on me like only a sonofabitch tikkun olam foundation can. had to bail, wasn’t really my scene, but i did watch matisyahu blow his nose during shacharit.

    yes. we’ll know for next time…you know, my org. is also starting a seed funding thingy…can we post up a link on the site? we’re giving out grants of $10,000 for any type of social change project!