So did I win?Taking a bad situation and making it so. much. badder.

Well, because of some silly cartoons, it seems it’s open season on Danes and Europeans in General as one embassy after another is attacked and/or burned – I can barely keep up with the reports! Apparently some Danish newspaper earned the ire of Muslims around the world when it published cartoons of the Prophet Muhamed. Any depiction of the Prophet is considered Haram (nicht kosher) as it is considered a form of idol worship. International turmoil, mayhem and Molotov cocktails ensued. International mayhem and one Mohamed cartoon contest after another – neither of which I am sure would have existed had a big fuss not been made.

But into the fray marched Tehran daily Hamshahri, Iran’s largest circulation newspaper. They figured what the people need is a distraction in the form of an international competition for cartoons on the Holocaust, as a form of uh… retaliation. Against all those Jews. In Denmark.*

“The serious question for Muslims,” the newspaper asked, “is whether the West extends freedom of expression to the crimes committed by the United States and Israel, or an event such as Holocaust?” … “Or is its freedom only for insulting religious sanctities?” it added.

And the Muslim press seems to know all about insulting religious sanctities! Anyway… Davoud Kazemi, the dude in charge of the contest, told Reuters that each of the 12 winners would have their cartoons published and receive two gold coins (worth about $140 each) as a prize. Sweet! Davoud, please consider the cartoon displayed in this post as my entry. I mean sure, this contest is both idiotic and abhorrent, but $140 is $140 – You know us Jews!

In similar news, the New York Times noted that the Iranian Commerce Ministry called for changing the name of Danish pastry to the name of a flower that is named after Prophet Muhammad. Might I suggest that they rename Danish pastries after me? Thus whenever I read about mounting unemployment and hunger in Iran I can tell them to… you guessed it, eat me!

Salam my friends! Peace be unto you.

*What story about enraged Iranians would be complete without someone blaming this affront to Islam on the Jews? Well… the Iranians don’t disapoint as Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused Western newspapers of perpetrating an Israeli conspiracy for publishing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. He insisted that the caricatures amounted to a “conspiracy by Zionists who were angry because of the victory of Hamas,” he said, referring to the Palestinian militant group that won a surprise landslide victory in last month’s elections. Sheesh. It’s like they have a government department dedicated solely to blaming the Jews. For Everything.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Well of course, the September ’05 cartoons were a retaliation for the January ’06 Hamas win.
    Anyone can see that. All you need is some conversion to Mohammed Daylight Savings Time.

  • ck, just so you know, in Denmark (“the Field of the Danes”) what we call “Danish pastries” are called Weinerbrot, or “Viennese bread”.

    OK, not exactly “ck”, but maybe you can work with it.

    I’ve gotta say, though, that the funniest, and saddest, part of this whole thing is how the Muslims always riot, burn down embassies, kidnap people, etc., when people intimate that they might, you know, be kinda violent.

    “Me? Violent? I’ll KILL you for that, you kuffar dog!”

    There’s gotta be some kind of scientific/psychiatric term for this kind of thing.

  • CK,

    While the hatred coming out of the Persian mouthpiece is genuine, I think you are missing their intention. It is to diminish support in the West by casting their struggle as one specifically against the Jews, thereby diminishing enthusaism for a confrontation in the West (especially Europe), who are loathe to side with the Jews and Israel against the Muslims.

    This strategy is a lot less crazy than the antics.

  • Yup, Mr. Kelsey is on target. This is a “kill two birds with one clever stone” kinda move. They get to make their point with nary a single Danish cartoon character in sight. Just Jewish characters.

  • Two coins worth $140 each–that’s all? Someone redeems the honor of the Ummah and the reward is
    only 280 bucks? That’s a pretty tight-wad Islamic Republic if you ask me.

  • According to this
    as of 2005 there are actually 20,000 Jews in Iran – but only 7,000 in Denmark! It seems like the arabs are just looking for the next excuse to start riots, murders, burning down things…etc…last time it was opression in France, where’s the next location they will choose to riot in? Canada? Spain?

  • There is a bit of silver lining to this cloud, methinks. Even two bits.

    1. The initiators and participants in this new toons venture will show themselves for idiots they are.

    2. Ayatollahs strip a bit more for the world to see the warts and all.

    Couldn’t be all that bad, could it?

  • There was a strong anti-war feeling in the US during WWII, partially a function of the reluctance to appear to be fighting a war on behalf of the Jews. Although I disagree with Kelsey on pretty much everything, I think he’s right about this one. If the Islamists can make this into a “dump the Jews or we’ll make you regret it” thing, there is no doubt but that Europe will knuckle under. As the cancer of appeasement spreads, the host body loses the strength to fight the disease.

    I mean, I hope that by some miracle Europe will find its balls, as well as its sense, and realize that by throwing the Jews to the sharks they are signing their own death warrant. For people like Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Ahmenidejad, a kuffar is a kuffar. Saturday people first, Sunday peopole next. The fact that most Europeans feel they have evolved beyond being Sunday people means nothing to the Islamists.

  • To (loosely) quote Stephen Colbert: “the problem with tolerance is that as long as there is one intolerant person who won’t tolerate your tolerance, you lose.”
    What’s driving me nuts is how smarmily sympathetic US newspapers are being (i.e. today’s NYT) to these crazy maniacs… instead of just admitting the truth: they’re too f-ing scared to print the cartoons or even say anything remotely negative against Muslims.

  • “instead of just admitting the truth”

    Nina Beth, are you speaking of “truth” or “truthiness”? 😉

    [I heart Stephen Colbert and his “Repour”]

  • mmm… ck-cookies… would those be sour-dough? *rimshot*

    So… I would recommend that everyone read everyone is afraid to criticize islam

    SPIEGEL: But Muslims, like any religious community, should also be able to protect themselves against slander and insult.

    HIRSI ALI: That’s exactly the reflex I was just talking about: offering the other cheek. Not a day passes, in Europe and elsewhere, when radical imams aren’t preaching hatred in their mosques. They call Jews and Christians inferior, and we say they’re just exercising their freedom of speech. When will the Europeans realize that the Islamists don’t allow their critics the same right? After the West prostrates itself, they’ll be more than happy to say that Allah has made the infidels spineless.

    And @ Haifadude: do you read FC, or did that get forwarded to you?

  • Coming late to this discussion, I just wanted to say that your cartoon ‘submission’ there is the only thing this week that made me crack up. 😀 Thanks for making me feel just a little bit less rotten about everything else that’s going on, by showing how ridiculous it all is.

  • One thing for sure is…there are hidden hands working behind this in order to fuel support for military actions against Iran…and beyond. Too bad the world has actually fall to their trap. The fact that the Danes allowed themselves to be a tool of the Globalist and the some Moslem to react violently is a sad thing. Peace to all.

  • No, John Doe, you are confused. The only conspiracy around here is that we got all our Jewish psychiatrists together and developed a plan to fuck around with your brain so that you would think Jews are the hidden hands behind the Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest. While they were playing around with your mind, by the way, they made sure you always feel inferior to Jews. Oh yeah, they also caused that little tick you always develop around women you find attractive. You know, the one that contorts your face to resemble The Penguin from Batman?

  • fuck the jews…fuck israel…fuck america. iran isnt scared of anyone,iran’s not like you little jews who are in palestine with your guns running away from a kid with a rock. you’re the terrorists. you jews only like to tell your side of the story, you want everyone’s sympathy. i hope sharon dies a slow and painful death like he killed so many in sabra and shatila.

  • I hear that the winner of the Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Contest is a picture of Hitler in bed with Anne Frank. Nuke the fuckers, I don’t care any more.

  • I want to know when the rest of us are going to get an apology. I mean, if the EU and UN are going to apologize for free speech causing hurt feelings, when is the Muslim world going to apologize for trashing Danish embassies, for kidnapping and killing Western journalists, for all the suicide bombings (in Israel and elsewhere), and for 9/11?

    And CNN (and all the other media outlets) lies when they say they aren’t showing the Mohammed cartoons out of “sensitivity.” They’re scared of reprisals. Because, if they were scared of hurting people’s tender feelings, they wouldn’t show Anne Frank in bed with Hitler. They can’t have it both ways: either show them all or show none.

    I’m tired of all this. When is enough going to be enough? When will we (ie the West) stand up to the Arab world? Because it won’t stop (if I recall, the plan of appeasement worked out oh so well in the 1930s and 1940s).

    I’m sick of everyone giving in to bullies.

    Sorry. I just had to rant.

  • Deedee, you didn’t need to fit your entire rant into one little paragraph. Really, the space is free and you can feel free to expand upon your idiotic remarks any time.

  • i speak the truth… jews are terrorists and thats all there is to it, and the only idiot here is you.

  • i speak the truth… jews are terrorists and thats all there is to it, and the only idiot here is you.

  • Deedee, Deedee, come now, there is no need to be so touchy. Really now, I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve posted idiotic comments.

  • Hi,
    I am from Slovakia, a small country in the middle of EU, a really really small country, yet I feel to be a part of this all. I am trying to understand this all, because I believe that everything connected together. I am afraid that a new war is upon us wether we like it or not. The Arab leaders have no concept how to satisfy the basic needs of their people, bluntly they have no interest in it. The easiest way is to unleash a wave of raids into Europe again. To steal, kill, rob, maim, rape. Europe is too paralyzed from the last war, too lazy, too comfy. The main goal is to get hands on the oil and there two approaches: war or bussiness. It has not been decided which to choose yet. Even in Slovakia were transports to Poland, to concetration camps. I have just seen some pictures. I have realized that in the end all of the Jews were just mere humans. I understand the furiosity they protect their homes, your homes. If Arabs would even bother a little to see how much have your grand fathers suffered, they would understand. But we live in the times of reductionism. No one bothers. And understand people looking at Jews with an suspiscious eye. Actually, everyone has butter on their heads, we are all guilty in a way and have done something wrong in the past. Some more, some less. Sorry for the fuzzyness of my text, wrote it in a hurry. Feel free to react on my email address.

    “Is being atheist criminal?”

  • Are the Israelis terrorists…… yes
    Are the Palestinians terrorists……. yes

    Chosing one of these over the other is like chosing between underdog & dead ringer, or who is the most cuddly. Me i say a merkava is more cuddly than a kassam.

    Sorry but i think Israelis and Palestinians deserve to make each other misserable ( untill they figure out its better to get along ).

    When i hear the Iranians put on a cartoon contest to protest against Danish press freedom, and they say hey lets do cartoons about Jews … i say that is a very large pile of monkey hurlage:
    I demand 12 cartoons in which they realy whip some Danish infidel behind.

    Maybe i got the demographics wrong and perhaps most Danes are Jewish,well technically all Christians are Jews who think the messiah has visted us already …..Don’t tell the guys from hate site of the week #9 !!

  • You know what, enough! Im sick and tired of everyone tiptoeing around the fragile emotions of tetchy Muslims. So they are frustrated with the problems in their own countries? So what? They think that gives them special right to be angry? I’m African- they think they have problems!? And what is this nonsense about the Jews being the cause of poverty, war, bad weather, economic failure, international opinion, global warming really! If your countries are not advanced, go throw stones at your leaders and leave the rest of the world alone. Besides why are Jews credited with so much power? I mean what do you guys have really? Metallic brains? Six legs and four arms? X-ray vision? Can anyone help me out? I just don’t get it.

  • uhm themiddle , what do you think the IDF is doing in the West Bank…..not all of that is strictly above board.
    take the following example:
    A very very drunk Palestinian (unarmed mind you) says (not shout) some angry words at some IDF patrol unit (heavily armed)

    What does the IDF do
    A. Leave that drunk he will probably puke all over himself in a minute.
    B. Alright mr “Drunky” time to sleep it of in a jail cell.
    C. Tie him to a chair and beat the stuffing out of him with your fist and rifflebutts then throw in out into the street.

    it’s amzing what they show sometimes on the discovery channel

  • Uhm, Caveat, terrorism is not a bunch of stupid guys acting stupid after decades of being involved in a very deadly war with another people. Terrorism is body parts of innocent people flying through the air of a crowded restaurant, crowded bus, crowded disco, crowded street, crowded market, etc., because a well organized group targeted these innocents. Targeted innocents’ body parts is what we’re talking about so let’s not play semantic games.

    You do see the difference?

    I’ll help you out a bit here. There have been a number of Jewish terror attacks or attempted attacks in the past couple of decades. There were some Arab mayors blown up in the mid-’80s and more recently some group placed a bomb that thankfully did not go off in an Arab girls’ school. Those are acts of terror, as was what Baruch Goldstein did when he shot into the mosque and as did an Irgun leader in the ’40s when he entered a crowded Arab market with a bomb and allowed it to explode.

    However, you can count those Israeli incidents with the fingers of your two hands (heck, add another friend’s hands just in case) over a period of decades. On the other hand, Israel stops 95% of attempted suicide bombings and you can still count dozens of attacks over the past 5 years alone. So there is a significant difference in kind and quantity. There is also a significant difference between intentions and actions of the two parties. While one targets civilians and uses terror as a weapon, the other side targets the terrorists.

    Now if you would like to claim that the Israeli army, by virtue of its existence, is a terror organization, which is something pro-Palestinians like to say and something about which you hinted in your story above, I have to disagree. They have shown time and again that they seek to avoid harming innocent civilians, and they certainly do not target them. Yes, sometimes you get bad apples and sometimes mistakes are made, but the difference is in the intent and general goals of the institution, which in this case contrast greatly with the Palestinian institutions. I wish it weren’t so, but it is. Of course, once again, we can also contrast kind and quantity, not just intentions and strategy.

    This by the way, also speaks to your unfortunate belief that both sides deserve each other. That is far from true. As Hamas laughs because Israeli democracy affected the Palestinians and gave them the tools to elect a terror organization into power, one has to wonder what could have been in the Middle East had the Palestinians also learned from the Israelis how strong their desire for peace has been all these years. As we saw from the Israelis voluntary departure from Sinai in exchange for peace, the desire to compromise and reach an understanding is there. But you need a partner, and right now Israel’s prospective partners are all terrorists.

  • hitlers formula (if there is a problem, it is the jews faults), brilliantly said. You guys dont realize it, but you guys are the scum of the earth, hitler noticed it, palistine noticed it and now iran did. You guys have big mouths because the USA is behind you, without them, you jews are just like a small little pussy cat in a corner of the street waiting to be cared for.
    i do agree that the muslims have taken this issue about the cartoons a bit too far, but thats what happens when you mess with very religious people, i mean there are cartoons about jesus (south park), there are jokes, even funny clips, thats because the white people dont care about stuff like that.
    iran isnt doing the rightest thing putting a contest for the holocaust, but it is proving a good and valid point. How far can the freedom of speech go in the west???

  • i think we should be sending the Iranian cartoon contest cartoons that make the one they’re kvetching about look like Snoopy.

    My idea was Mohammed with a Hitler mustache and pink tutu going down on Dubya.

  • I agree that Holocaust cartoons should be submitted to the Iranian contest. I’m no artist, but here’s my two ideas for cartoons:

    1) President Ahmadinejad, confronted by a seemingly endless crowd of emaciated, spectral figures. He tells them, “Nice try, but I don’t believe in ghosts, either.”

    2) Ahmadinejad, speaking to an Iranian crowd: “It’s a lie, a myth! There was no Jewish Holocaust in Europe. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!”

  • Um, Chris, nobody needs to die or be killed. Okay? Finkelstein is a favorite of Stormfronters and their ilk. He has been publishing the same tripe for many years and seems to have some fairly serious emotional issues with respect to his background. But for the most part, his writing gets no attention, he can’t get decent work, his biggest fans are neo-Nazis and white supremacists (woo hoo) and he’s obviously an embitterred and angry man. So don’t worry about him too much – he is at his unhappiest when he’s ignored.

  • The middle I do not see the IDF as an terrorist organization, even if i wanted to they can not
    hold a candle to those hamas guys.
    but you have to admit that bolth sides make moves which are needless and just pour oil on to the flames.

    But i’m diverting away from the discussion about this cartoon contest….

    How about a cartoon with naked Danes (how does one recognize a naked Dane?)heading for the showers with ahmadinedjad next to a gas valve wearing a nazi uniform saying i wish that this did happen.

    Oh yes i think this a nasty one,but it has that much needed double entendre.
    …..doubt if it will get any gold coins

  • The middle,
    your right he doesn’t need to be killed but he does warrant an ass-kicking . If I ever happen to be in an area he’s speaking at ,I think I’ll drop by and kick his fucking teeth in. I recommend everybody else do the same.

    Oh and stop being so good damn tolerant your not a pragmatist your a pussy.

  • The middle,
    your right he doesn’t need to be killed but he does warrant an ass-kicking . If I ever happen to be in an area he’s speaking at ,I think I’ll drop by and kick his fucking teeth in. I recommend everybody else do the same.

    Oh and stop being so good damn tolerant your not a pragmatist your a pussy.

  • The middle,
    your right he doesn’t need to be killed but he does warrant an ass-kicking . If I ever happen to be in an area he’s speaking at ,I think I’ll drop by and kick his fucking teeth in. I recommend everybody else do the same.

    Oh and stop being so good damn tolerant your not a pragmatist your a pussy.

  • The middle,
    your right he doesn’t need to be killed but he does warrant an ass-kicking . If I ever happen to be in an area he’s speaking at ,I think I’ll drop by and kick his fucking teeth in. I recommend everybody else do the same.

    Oh and stop being so good damn tolerant your not a pragmatist your a pussy.

  • The middle,
    your right he doesn’t need to be killed but he does warrant an ass-kicking . If I ever happen to be in an area he’s speaking at ,I think I’ll drop by and kick his fucking teeth in. I recommend everybody else do the same.

  • The middle,
    your right he doesn’t need to be killed but he does warrant an ass-kicking . If I ever happen to be in an area he’s speaking at ,I think I’ll drop by and kick his fucking teeth in. I recommend everybody else do the same.

  • I don’t know if anyone else saw this yet, but it might be worth a separate post… I’d at least like to hear some feedback of what people think about it. Anyway… it’s a anti-semetic cartoon contest. You can read the rules and discription at: The interesting part about this is that it’s being held by Israelis as a mode of reponce to the muslim cartoon “crisis”. Check it out…

  • What nice comments by you Jews:
    ” I mean sure, this contest is both idiotic and abhorrent, but $140 is $140 – You know us Jews!”.

    Well its obvious the you people do not posess any kind of self respect or any kind of Grace. Because its necessary to have respect / grace to feel DisRespect / Disgrace!

    Now don’t start to portray anger, you already showed how much respect and grace you people posess.

    And Also Remember:
    “If an Idiot tries to spit at Moon, he would find it landing back on his own bloddy face.”

    AllahuAkbar, AllahuAkbar, AllahuAkbar
    LaaIllaha Illahu MuhhammadurRasoolullah.

  • Apparently they were too busy teaching genocidal hatred and religious triumphalism at Muhammad here’s elementary school, because they clearly skipped right over the lesson on irony. Also English.

    But maybe I’m just portraying anger that people like this survive to adulthood. We could use a little more natural selection.

  • israel and holocaust are lie
    israel and holocaust are lie
    israel and holocaust are lie
    israel must died

  • we are victor, as the reality always overcomes lie, you are a Bogus clan, Holocaust is a myth and you will have to fated to remove from global map, Israel should be “wiped out”!!!!

  • look, the last couple of comments were ugly (provocation?); and I’m quite upset (angry, sadly) at the violence to which a lot of muslims have reacted with;

    nonetheless, why do you confuse muslims with islamists, ignore the fair criticism that these cartoons were meant to provoke and were offensive, especially since Judaism has similar prohibitions against depiction of Prophets (icons): and ESPECIALLY given the history of persecution against Jews as minorities.

    This is getting depressing, there are muslims out there condemning the violence, but what point is there in being a ‘moderate muslim’ when it really does seem as if many people have it in for all muslims and condemn Islam, not just the extremists?


  • GOD DAMN Muhammad, Muslisms and ARABS!
    Trying to to take away our hard earned freedoms with thier Crazy cartoon protests speaking in their Crazy ass blah blah mecca lecca hi langauge, I CAN’T UNDERSTAND YOU!