So did I win?Taking a bad situation and making it so. much. badder.

Well, because of some silly cartoons, it seems it’s open season on Danes and Europeans in General as one embassy after another is attacked and/or burned – I can barely keep up with the reports! Apparently some Danish newspaper earned the ire of Muslims around the world when it published cartoons of the Prophet Muhamed. Any depiction of the Prophet is considered Haram (nicht kosher) as it is considered a form of idol worship. International turmoil, mayhem and Molotov cocktails ensued. International mayhem and one Mohamed cartoon contest after another – neither of which I am sure would have existed had a big fuss not been made.

But into the fray marched Tehran daily Hamshahri, Iran’s largest circulation newspaper. They figured what the people need is a distraction in the form of an international competition for cartoons on the Holocaust, as a form of uh… retaliation. Against all those Jews. In Denmark.*

“The serious question for Muslims,” the newspaper asked, “is whether the West extends freedom of expression to the crimes committed by the United States and Israel, or an event such as Holocaust?” … “Or is its freedom only for insulting religious sanctities?” it added.

And the Muslim press seems to know all about insulting religious sanctities! Anyway… Davoud Kazemi, the dude in charge of the contest, told Reuters that each of the 12 winners would have their cartoons published and receive two gold coins (worth about $140 each) as a prize. Sweet! Davoud, please consider the cartoon displayed in this post as my entry. I mean sure, this contest is both idiotic and abhorrent, but $140 is $140 – You know us Jews!

In similar news, the New York Times noted that the Iranian Commerce Ministry called for changing the name of Danish pastry to the name of a flower that is named after Prophet Muhammad. Might I suggest that they rename Danish pastries after me? Thus whenever I read about mounting unemployment and hunger in Iran I can tell them to… you guessed it, eat me!

Salam my friends! Peace be unto you.

*What story about enraged Iranians would be complete without someone blaming this affront to Islam on the Jews? Well… the Iranians don’t disapoint as Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused Western newspapers of perpetrating an Israeli conspiracy for publishing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. He insisted that the caricatures amounted to a “conspiracy by Zionists who were angry because of the victory of Hamas,” he said, referring to the Palestinian militant group that won a surprise landslide victory in last month’s elections. Sheesh. It’s like they have a government department dedicated solely to blaming the Jews. For Everything.

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