Oh and uh… Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all our drunken Irish readers!

The new Guilt and Pleasure is out – subtitled The Fight Issue it’s chock full of thought provoking articles, pretty pictures and colorful graphics. You can buy it for $9 or view it online at guiltandpleasure.com – well it willl be available as soon as they update the site … but trust me – it’s sweeeeet!

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • thought provoking articles, pretty pictures and colorful graphics

    but are there nekkid chicks?

  • As for sex with jewish guys, yeh i enjoy it alot but lets face it.When i was young, a girl who put out got the guys. Nowadays all girls put out so its gone up one notch. Now its the girl who goes down that gets the guy. My yale law prefessor wanted that .My israeli boilerroom guy wanted that.However I didnt. Truth is today so many too msny guys have seen Sex In The city and think or expect me or all girls to love going down. I simply dont!! Today guys google words like blowjob more than they google sense of humor, warmth, kissing, hugging, caring.I mean im not old fashioned but I think that if even an orthodox with paeses wants head what have we become. I guess ill have to google “Blow Job School” in my area.

  • No one expects women to love going down. No one expects women to love anal sex. No one expects a woman to want to have threesomes with their cute friends. But, c’mon, if you happen to find one that does, that’s pretty cool!

    Seriously, PIzza Tree, if you started dating a man that loved going down wouldn’t that be a bit of a bonus?

  • Im a kibbutznik from brooklyn.
    guys dont enjoy going down, we do it cause you want reciprocation after. Then when the girl tells us shes doing it ONLY to rciprocate, we feel insulted like she should come from sucking our zine like those girls fake doing in porno films.Lets face it, better yet, lets just handle it ,

  • as for the free trip to israel, i wonder if its effective. i mean itll gain jewish support forisrael from american jews who would otherwise already suport israel.But will it create aliya. Lets wait and see. If not, then the money isbetter spent on missles for israeli defense. A free trip to israel may bot bring about aliya. But 6months working in antisemitic nebraska or greece woulsshhowusa jews thatthey happily live in ghettos within a non jewish anti jewish country. Soend some gelt in nebraskato get aliya up. Free reip BIRTHRIGHT isa churning of israeli money .It costs nadafoeel al and aliya doesnt improve but rich jews get a freebie and their support of israel stays just as high. They understand israel better though, but isradollars arebetter spent on israelis, not on diaspora jews. Im jewgusting not jewlicious

  • Um, Pizza Tree, you drunk? You’re posting under different names and under different sexes. Weird. Let’s just assume it’s your evil twin brother who’s doing it.

  • Muffti doesn’t mind going down on the ladies at all and most guys he know seem to find it a turn on. But most people Muffti knows aren’t kibbutzniks from Brooklyn.

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