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Some news from the Galilee
“The Jews laid in supplies and were preparing to take refuge from the Romans in chambers beneath homes during their revolt from AD 66 to 70, the experts said. …
I was just wondering if the matzah is still fresh. That stuff lasts forever.

Adolf Hitler’s spirit lives on in Iran, says Rabbi Aaron Bergman— They have said Israel is a cancer, and cancer is cured with radiation.

And just in case you thought that the Iraq war had to do just with Haliburton, Bush and Oil, the insurgents have a different mantra: Their wicked aim is to attack Islam and humiliate its people, steal their wealth and support the Jews. . . .

Jews from Lakewood are getting the outreach bug: Scholars from one of the largest yeshivas in the world are traveling New Jersey’s highways every month in the battle to keep Jews connected to their heritage, reports the Enquirer.

The Jews of Iraq are getting a revisionist history, courtesy of an Iraqi Jew who now finds his message very receptive in…Iraqi Insurgent Websites It was 1947 and I wasn’t quite 18 when the Iraqi authorities caught me for smuggling young Iraqi Jews like myself out of Iraq, into Iran, and then on to the Promised Land of the soon-to-be established Israel.

Kiwi Nazi— an Aucklander ‘was Nazi war criminal’ A policeman who hunted alleged Nazi war criminals in New Zealand says he believes an Auckland Lithuanian took part in the massacre of Jews… of course the guy denies it all. He denied taking part in any killings, saying his role in the battalion was merely to teach German officers to ride horses. Right.

And even booze-shy Mormons have to admit that Purim was fun… The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Purim commemorates the fifth century BC deliverance of the Jews of Persia from extermination, as told in the Book of Esther…. They also are commanded to be unabashedly joyous. Even getting drunk, within reason, is considered a good deed. Now isn’t that editorializing? Getting plastered is considered a good deed.

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