ali[Watch Video] Recently I “learned” from a popular Islamic preacher who tours campuses across the States, that I was responsible for the cartoon riots across the world. I, being the Zionist Jew that I am, was responsible for the publication of the offending Danish cartoons, and therefore had to deal with the consequences.

Abdel Malik Ali pointed to me and two brave Jewish students in the room at Long Beach State (as he does at every campus and venue where Jews are present) and declared we were responsible. We are in cahoots with the Zionist Jews, Flemming Rose and Daniel Pipes. Flemming Rose, was short for “Rosenfeld or Rosenberg,” said Ali. And he, was “tight” with the “Islamophobe” Zionist Jew Pipes and they had plotted this whole thing out as a provocation back in 2004.

Now that I was to blame, I had to seek answers. Was Rose Jewish? Was he in “tight” with Pipes? Was this part of a vast anti-Islamic conspiracy that is part of the war on Islam, headed by Zionist Jews, as Malik Ali declared? Or, perhaps, as with other Ali assertions, his opinions hovered beyond reality.

I contacted my friend, Professor Z., who is on sabbatical in Denmark, to see if Roserose was a Yid. Professor Z. writes: “No one that I have talked to considers Rose of Jylland’s Posten a Jew. I don’t think he is. Rose is not a typical Danish name, but my colleagues don’t think he’s Jewish.” Rose himself delares he is not Jewish in this email exchange with Christopher Bollyn, “dear chris, for the record, no i am not jewish and my ancestors are not jewish.”

An exhaustive web search found some others unconvinced. David carried a piece by Duke alleging Rose was a Jew on Feb 11, 2006. An article by Bollyn reprinted in San Francisco’s Indymedia claims that Rose’s physical appearance is Jewish enough to declare him a Jew.

The vast Zionist Jewish conspiracy is clearly at work according to the twisted thinking of paranoid anti-Semites like Ali and Madman Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Just for good measure, Malik Ali assured me that “Israel’s days are numbered.” He praised Iranian President for pointing out the obvious Zionist link to the Danish cartoon provocation, with his Holocaust Cartoon Contest. Brilliant!

Of course Abdel Malik’s story is completely false. The violent backlash is not in response to colonialism, a War on Islam, or angry youth. It has to do with power, control, and fuelling hatred of the West. Professor Z. writes:

The bottom line is that these cartoons came out in DK in Sept. No riots. Then they were reprinted in a popular paper in Arabic in Cairo (!) in Oct. No riots. And then, many months later, a fascist imam living in Copenhagen took the cartoons — along with some others that weren’t even in the paper — and went on a tour of the Middle East and begged the governments there to do something — and that’s when the rioting began. It was largely orchestrated. At least that is what many people are saying.

Rose, for his part, told the world in several publications that he had commissioned the cartoons as part of a campaign to end encroachments of freedom of the press in Europe. And not because he is a Zionist or a Jew, which he is not. Rose writes that he commissioned the cartoons to express his belief that journalist’s across Europe were bowing to self-censorship:

I commissioned the cartoons in response to several incidents of self-censorship in Europe caused by widening fears and feelings of intimidation in dealing with issues related to Islam. And I still believe that this is a topic that we Europeans must confront, challenging moderate Muslims to speak out. The idea wasn’t to provoke gratuitously — and we certainly didn’t intend to trigger violent demonstrations throughout the Muslim world. Our goal was simply to push back self-imposed limits on expression that seemed to be closing in tighter.

Nationwide, student groups like the Long Beach branch of the MSA have access to student funding and use it to bring Islamic Brotherhood-esque anti-Semitic speakers to our college campuses to poison the minds of impressionable youth. It would be funny were it not so scary to watch a room full of students nod in agreement with the most outlandish and paranoid plots hatched in the mind of Ali and others.

But he is not totally wrong, he did say it was a bad idea to go hunting with Cheney.

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  • Is it legal for them to use the funds for these purposes? Free speech is fine, but does it have to be financed when it promotes hate speech?

    This would be laughably stupid if it wasn’t so real and if people weren’t being educated by these haters.

    Soon, in a city near my part of the country, an apologist for the current Iran regime is coming to give a talk to a student organization that I believe is affiliated with the largest Muslim organization on a large nearby campus (organization is funded by Saudi money). Unlike your spittling speaker, ours has a Ph.D. and an academic career in the sciences. In other words, it is not easy to dismiss him as an irrational kook. Well, except for the part where he says that the West shouldn’t be so surprised when the Iranian President denies the Holocaust happened. After all, says this learned academic, Jews and Zionists know that imams in the Arab world have been saying this kind of nasty anti-Jewish stuff for many years. So why be surprised or make a big stink if somebody else does it?

  • As I read this post, the thought going through my mind was, “I wish he shot that jackass when he said that.” I’ve never said or thought anything like that, but I just can’t think of anything else now.

  • Great post, Rabbi Yonah. Abdel Malik Ali spoke at UCSC before too, unfortunately, along with other anti-Semitic and anti-Israel speakers brought by the Muslim Student Alliance and Committee for Justice in Palestine.

    I have my own views on why so many students at UCSC support what these speakers have to say. But I’ve found that once you sit down and have a rational conversation with any of the mostly ignorant, good-intentioned students about Israel and the middle east, it’s just that they’ve been mis-educated.

    I spoke with a girl recently who had a palestinian flag key chain. I found out she had mostly just been brain washed, and had received almost all of her information from the MSA and CJP about the topic. At the end of our single conversation, she had a whole new world view.

    I would like to quote this message I received via myspace from Rafi of Beach Hillel:

    In the face of Muslim extremist myspace sites going up right and left, i decided to create a pro Israel site showing how full of shit they just really are.

    If you for one second think we are safe anywhere but in the Holy Land given to us by none other that God Himself, you are gravely mistaken.

    Wherever I go I’m a witness to growing anti-Semitism mostly, but not only, among Muslims. Extremist speakers are being brought onto college campuses spreading hate speech by claiming that no one else but “Zionist Jews” are behind all evil in the world. From 9/11 to the Danish cartoons and far beyond.

    We as a nation have to unite and say “NO” to these fascist statements. One goal of this page is to bring as many Jews together as possible. Jews from all backgrounds, religious and not, reform and orthodox.

    It is to show every single one of them how Israel is truly their homeland, something that no one can deny them. It is also to be able to reach as many of us with important updates and news about the crazy times we’re living in.

    Please repost this bulletin and help to spread the word, it is up to us to make this happen!

    One nation, One land, One God…

    Much Love to all of you, Rafi

    The link is

    This site is just going up, there’s not much on it yet. Keep on checking in for blogs, messages and bulletins.

  • NEWS FLASH! My video and article are making progress. Some Christian senators are getting on board to try to stop funding the MSA… Details when they happen

  • Hi RY, I just posted your article on Virtual Jerusalem ( I’m the new managing editor, its great, I am the media! Let me know when you have interesting articles, press releases etc…

  • And your point is… The offending cartoons are not part of a Jewish conspiracy, that was the main point of the piece. That this paper has a history that is unpleasant, doesn’t alter a bit my assertion that a)they had a right to print it and b)the Jews were not behind it.

  • The truth of the matter is that the danish paper was just pissing on a despised and weak minority group in denmark, recent danish politics and laws are clearly indicative of danish racism.
    Freedom of speech was not an issue, bullying was.
    However the newspaper found itsself much in the position of a hunter who is busy poking a bear cub with a stick not noticing mamma bear behind them.
    The Danish prime minister refused to meet with a large group of muslim ambassadors who wished to protest the “cartoons”. He could have met them and explained the concept of free press, which is non-existent in their countries, and at least treated them with diplomatic respect. It is hard to imagine the danish prime minister ignoring so nonchalantly a request for a meeting by a large group of european ambassadors whatever their complaint.
    Of course the Religious muslims had their own agend and played it out. It would be nice to see groups of muslims protesting something serious like the stoning to death of an adultress or something. Of course it be would nice to see any fundamentilist religious group protesting anything serious and as industriuosly as they protest “violations” of the sabbath or other peoples sex lives.
    Lets face it both sides of the cartoon war is a no win situation for anyone interested in a better world.

  • Rav Yonah, בס’ד

    This is the same guy that disrupts the students during classes at UC Irvine. He stations himself in the main courtyard with hate speech and a microphone, flying fists and a podium.
    His speeches end up surrounded by curious students and observant Muslims chanting, “Alla Hu Akbar” three times in succession, responding to his pep talk.
    Whenever I come to the section of the Amidah concerning how Hashem should wipe out the evil in the world, invariably, this man’s face and anger flashes in my mind.

    I’ll see both yourself and Rafi for Shabbos sometime,


  • Rabbi Yonah – my point exactly. One doesn’t expect a paper with a pro-Nazi past to be “controlled” (or in cahoots or whatever that speaker claimed) with Zionists…

  • Dan S- Got it, i though that your comment meant “See, this is a racist paper, and what do expect from racists?” Or something along those lines. My mistake.

    Meanwhile the senate is silent and we are hoping there will be more support to do something. Interestingly, as soon as the MSA got wind of the Senators plans against them… The Senator received angry email and his organization’s sign on campus was vandalized with a swastika.

    Immediately the student group got a response from the Deans office. Now last year when over a dozen stakes and posters put up by Hillel that were from Blue Star PR and Stand With Us, they were kicked down and trampled the SAME DAY. In broad daylight. The police and the Deans office did nothing. They said “there are over 34,000 students here and we cannot monitor everything they do”. Now that a Christian sign was vandalized, hopefully, they will do something.

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