According to the OU which certify some Coca-Cola products the latest Coke drink contains dairy products.

This product contains a dairy ingredient. According to the Coca-Cola Company, this ingredient does not contain proteins from milk which make it allergenic to some people. Coca-Cola Blak is produced under the supervision of the Orthodox Union and is kosher-dairy when bearing the OU-D symbol.

It also means that you can’t wash down your hamburger with a Coke Blak, or have a a Blak at the Ballpark with your Kosher Dog. Is it actually milchik as in, cannot be eaten within a given time after consuming meat? I’ve written to OU to find out.

BTW The orange in Orange Listerine comes from a Cochineal beetle. But you can still use it anyway, unless you’re a vegan.

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  • It’s quite interesting, because the opposite conditions are found in some Elite products: Although lab’s inspection found some milk in Parveh chocolates – the products are still marked as Parveh.

  • Why is this suprising. It’s a frappuchino type drink, not a coke/sprite type drink.