With apologies to Walt Disney…

New Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mahmoud al-Zahar, in a recent interview with Chinese news agency, Xinhua defended Hamas’ ultimate goal of destroying Israel and founding an Islamic state.

“I dreams (sic.) of hanging a huge map of the world on the wall at my Gaza home which does not show Israel on it,” he said. “I hope that our dream to have our independent state on all historic Palestine (including Israel)… This dream will become real one day. I’m certain of this because there is no place for the state of Israel on this land,” said al-Zahar.

Hey… where have I heard that before? Oh yeah… here:

“The State of Israel should be wiped off the map”, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Wednesday, underscoring Teheran’s extreme attitude towards the Jewish State. The Iranian leader’s remarks were made during a convention entitled “A World Without Zionists.” “The establishment of the State of Israel was an offensive move. The Islamic nation will not let its historic enemy live in its midst,” he said.

How cute! al-Zahar is Ahmadinejad’s little bitch! Oh you two… get a room already!
(btw the Geppeto dude on the left is Ahmadinejad and the Pinocchio dude on the right is al-Zahar. that’s just in case anyone didn’t get the graphic – these dudes are stupid evil motherfuckers, but they’re just not as iconic as Arafat)

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