Jewlicious is sending two lucky readers to see a play about Hitler’s nephew!

UPDATE: We have our winners! Congratulations to Jewlicious readers Joshua K. and Harry R.!

Let it never be said that we at Jewlicious are not a cultured lot. Our abiding love for theater is well-attested (thanks to our sometime Jewy New York theater critic Esther), and with that love in mind, Jewlicious hereby announces that it wants to send YOU to see the new off-Broadway production of “Little Willy,” the hilarious new play based on the true story of William Patrick Hitler, an American playboy with, ahem, a famous uncle. And here you thought the New York theater world could only support one rollicking comedy show related to the worst genocidal dictator the world has ever known.

Like Minded productions, in association with The Rude Mechanicals Theater Company, proudly presents a limited engagement of little Willy, written by Mark Kassen and directed by John Gould Rubin. Performances will run from April 6th, 2006 to April 30th, 2006 at The Ohio Theatre (66 Wooster St.) in NYC. Previews begin April 6th for an April 10th opening. The play is performed by Mark Kassen as William Patrick Hitler and Roxanna Hope in a variety of roles, including several women who fall under his spell.

Little Willy is a humorous, multi-media production that tells the little known true story of the devil-may-care playboy William Patrick Hitler – who also happened to be none other than Adolf Hitler’s estranged nephew. The show exposes William’s life as a skirt-chaser, VW Beetle car salesman and United States Naval soldier and reveals publicly for the first time the secrets that he used to bribe his notorious uncle. Swept up by America, Willy partied, endorsed every product he could find and effectively became a pop-cultural icon ala Paris Hilton, more famous for being famous than anything else.

Paris Hilton, eh? Is anyone else thinking about a Simple Life-type reality show which places an American descendant of Hitler deep in the heart of Satmar Williamsburg, with wacky hijinks ensuing? Because if you are, you have very poor taste and I’m disgusted at you.

Anyway, here’s the contest dirt: if you live in New York and want to get a FREE pair of tickets from Jewlicious to a showing of Little Willy this month, all you have to do is answer one ridiculously simple trivia question and e-mail your answer to – we’re only giving away two pairs of tickets, so act fast!

And the question? (“I’ll take ‘Slimeballs’ for 200, Michael!”)
What was the name of Hitler’s propaganda filmmaking darling who was honored with a weepy memorial tribute at a recent Academy Awards?

Again, just mail the answer to – the available dates for the play are
4/7 at 8pm
4/8 at 8pm
4/9 at 7pm
4/13, 4/14, 4/15 at 8pm
4/16 at 7pm
4/21, 4/22 at 8pm
4/23 at 7pm
4/28, 4/29 at 8pm
4/30 at 7pm

Good luck!

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