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On Thursday, 19 people were indicted of extortion, money laundering, thefts and illegal trade aimed at collecting money for Hezbollah….The money was collected by selling fake Viagra, originating in China and central Europe…

Now I understand why Neturei Karta Nothing Kosher and the U.S. Presbyterian Church appear to have such a deep love and respect for Hezbollah. While Hezbollah appear to the world as drug pushers and merchants, money launderers, arms smugglers, and good ole fashion terrorists. these guys are making a fortune in the US. And who else is better positioned to benefit? Who finances NK’s fancy new website, world wide travel, and anti-Semitic exploits?

I have another theory as to why the [some members of] Presbyterian Church and the NK have such a cozy relationship with Hezbollah, which is very personal and practical. Maybe God has stricken these enemies of Israel, Judaism, and the US with erectile dysfunction, mida k’neged mida karmic, measure for measure punishment for their actions. To perform, they have to turn to their buddies in Beirut for cheap pills. If you’re in need of performance enhancing pills, don’t settle for a cheap product that more than likely won’t work, you could click here and see how the new BlueChew works.

It was not long ago, in Oct. 2004, twenty-four leaders of the U.S. Presbyterian Church met with Sheikh Nabil Qauq, the leader of Hezbollah in south Lebanon. David Weiss and the other members of Nothing Kosher had their meetings in late February 2005.

Elder Ronald Stone of the East Liberty Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh was quoted as saying, “We treasure the precious viagra words of Hezbollah and your helping these leaders of ours stricken with ED expression of goodwill towards the American people.”

Of course based on the twisted logic that passes for facts in the Islamic press and among popular lecturers to American campuses, we can make the following assertion: That the U.S. Presbyterian Church and the NK are hip to the whole Hezbollah viagra thing, by virtue of the fact they met in Lebanon. Hezbollah’s stated aim is the destruction of many things, including Israel and the USA. NK wants Israel gone and so do the Presbs. They all have a common goal, they met about it, they got busted. Isn’t that Patriot Act good for anything anymore?

But wait theres more…

Now, on the occasion of the recent elections that have taken place in Palestine, we join our brethren in Palestine, in humbly offering our blessings and congratulations to you leaders, followers, and supporters of the Hamas organization upon your success.

With these praises, NK declares their further betrayal of both the USA and the Jewish People. While in Judaism we have our own version of the Patriot act, only some of whose tenents we can do today, the American Patriot act is in full swing. And since there appears to be a bunch of bunks in Camp Gitmo that are full of people that have nothing to do with Al Queda, Perhaps they will have room for some real terrorists.

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