Montage of pictures from Death Camps. Middle picture, top row: Gypsies await murder at Belzec

Worth 30 minutes of your time this Yom Hashoah: The ARC website documenting the Aktion Reinhard Camps.

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  • Thanks for this post. It is important to remember.

    There is a really moving video on the home page of Virtual Jerusalem. It takes about ten minutes and is worth checking out.

  • I was at the Jewish musuem last year in Washington, D.C., and I got very sad when I saw what Hilter did the Jews at the Holocaust.

  • The fact is that some pictures on the Internet about the Holocaust fabricated some of the other crimes of the Holocaust is not

    See also played by the Jews now they do not disagree about Hitler in anything but are harsher than you you see what you are doing to children and the elderly, women and men in Palestine

    What happened to the Jews is a measure of the Lord

  • I live in Antwerp, a city that’s famous for diamonds. Here we really appreciate Jews, they are excellent businessmen end they really stimulate our small economy. Most of them are very friendly too.
    Chocking is that something similar to the Holocaust is happening in Congo right now!

  • This is nothing compared to what is Israel is doing to Gaza and Palestine!!!

    This picture doesn’t mean any thing to me after seeing the horrible massacres that is committed by Israel in Gaza

  • How does anyone support whats happening at Gaza right now????? If any of us believe in life after death, then we should know that there will be punishments for every criminal acts, whoever it may be.

  • All this nothing compared to what is Israel is doing to Palestine!!!

    This picture doesn’t mean any thing to me after seeing the horrible massacres that is committed by Israel in Gaza

    i want holocaust part II. and palestine freedom…

    Don’t think this photos can cover all Israeli horrible massacres in Gaza.



  • Cé juuste trop dégueuu…
    Chuie contente de pas avoir été
    vivante pendant la 2ieme guerre
    mondial< Pi surtout contente de pas etre

  • She said: This is too disgusting. I am glad that I wasn’t alive during the 2nd World War and am certainly happy that I am not a Jew.

    Well, every morning we thank God that we are not non-Jews, so i guess fair’s fair. Throw in the goy appropriate “sheh assah li kirtzono” and all is good in the world.

  • HEY “Average Guy” America’s like the best place in the world to live!!!!!!!!! I would know because I live here!You’re just jealous!!And “Someone”, how DARE you!!!!

  • damn you people sicken me especially you jew haters get a fucking life. I wish you were all back in the holocaust so I could shoot you all in the fuckin heads. You guys don’t care about them you just care about you own asses. PATHETIC!!!!!! Go fuck yourselves

  • yall are fucked up to be like hittler and hate jews. yea so yall can just be as funked as hittler but i shurly wont. so find somthin better to do with your times than to hate some one just because they have a diffirent religin. yea so how would you like for someone to start a holacost for your religin. yea so next tink about waht you say. ok and dont judge someone by there religin. just next time think how would you like for someone to do that to you just becaue you where cahtlic or prodisiten or holy or even Babtist or any other religin. yea so next time think of that.

  • More chinese people died in WW2 than the jews, yet everything we read about WW2 is about the jew holocoust. 69 million people died in the whole WW2, yet all we hear is 6 million jews. It’s been 70 years, there is no one to blame anymore, and no one to feel sorry for. All we have is pictures.

  • Im am against any violence… what israel is doing in gaza and palestine is a crime… the holocoust was also a crime i think we should just have peace israel are nobody to attack palestine and germans (hitler) was nobody to attack the jews… we all different and unique we shouldnt hate just get along but unfortunately the human race dont work like that…. and then we have people commenting in having a second holocoust i think that is just sick… im not a jew and i would NOT like a crime like the holocoust to happen again and I DONT want any killings in Gaza or terrorist or racism but it makes me sooo sad that these ungrateful things will just keep on happening and little nobody me cant do anything about it 🙁 Peace!

  • ay daniel are u fuken retarded!!! we should never forget the holocaust because remebering the holocaust prevents any future crimes like this one. people like u upset me.

    we need peace around the world…

  • we need peace in this world!! no world war’s and jewish people bothering us any more! by the way this web site is cool lol !!

  • in a lesson in school in history jewish talking about!! WW2. people shooting you all the time we all just need peace and we can’t get it. fighting going on everywhere in the street and fighting away in different country’s. we need peace in this world and stop fighting and world war’s (hitler) needed to stop ruling the world when he was alive

  • I believe that there should be peace and happiness all around the world. And we definently do not need another holocaust. Because I believe people are people no matter what religion. And if you believe differently thats your opinion. And there is no need for swearing.

  • We never forget the Kurds. The Kurds have a far more legitimate claim to a state and land than the Palestinians. Their bad fortune is to be sandwiched between Turkey and Iraq instead of having Jews for foes.

  • May be these people are Russians, gays or gypsies, French and even Germans for some. How do we know they are Jews? Gosh, they are the only one we keep talking about….We sick of listening to that crap….

    • May be [sic] these people are Russians, gays or gypsies, French and even Germans for some.

      Those were killed in the Euthanasia; different programme, equally horrible.

  • i agree with anonymous. how could someone really have so much hatred for another race & want to start another holocaust? if your angry focus it at the people your angry at not at all the Jews. how bout if someone from your race or religion did something to the Jews then they killed all of you? are all the Jews hurting you? no theyre not so i suggest we stop hating and blaming and try solve our issues .. without violence.

  • I was very sad when I saw little children in palestine murdered by Jews… And recently I read the article on NY Post that Rabbi’s sold organs of those killed children to America and different parts of the world…

    Sad… :’-(

  • In my book, Hitler was the most evil maniac that ever existed since the world began. And I’m still baffled by the way he coerced millions into believing in him. Burn in hell for eternity, Adolf.

  • all conspiracy to to create israel, research it, research who are rothschild. you will know everything 🙂

  • Research the God of Israel and you shall know everything. That who is infinite and he who is not. For American’s god is the God of Moses, the God of Elijah, the God of Israel, and the God that breathed on the Jewish virgin so that all of you may have that which shall come to pass with your own souls! as long as I breathe myriads upon myriads of intercessors shall be put to flight. For so it is according to the faith of Him who is in me, and so it was according to the faith of him who brought them out of Egypt, the Ones God specifically chose…..even over us.