Matzo and Metal - YUM!

Premiering Thursday April 13 at 10 pm EST on VH1 Classic
I don’t know about you, but when I think Passover, the first thing that comes to mind is heavy metal. Apparently the fine folks at MTV and VH1 think the same thing. Don’t question the reasoning behind this – just go with it. It’s Rock and Roll man!

In any case, the half hour special will feature Scott Ian (Anthrax), Evan Seinfeld (Biohazard), Josh Silver (Type O Negative) and VH1 Classic host Lynn Hoffman as they gather for Kosher food and to discuss what rock music and their Jewish heritage have meant to them.

Those unfamiliar with a Passover Seder will hear how music plays a key role in the traditional dinner and see how the rich history of Passover is shared through storytelling. And hard rock and heavy metal musicians certainly have plenty of stories! This all took place at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas – I’m sure it’ll be quite uh… interesting. I’ll have to remind my personal assistant Penelope to book me there next Passover.

Happy Passover all y’all! Rock on!

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  • PH, no it’s not. You mean Jewtastic…but Matzoh and Metal 1 aired last spring, and Jewtastic just aired this fall. In any case, OY.

  • Matzoh and Metal kicked last year! Not that I consider Lesley West from Mountain to be “Metal”, or uncomfortable conversation between old videos to be engaging… (or because it was like a drinking game waiting for the kipah to slide off of Scott Ian’s bald head!) it rocked because they were Represe’in… In da h’ouse… Out there in a different way than the public is used to.

    Actually, I dug the promos… stick figure animation is cool!

    Chag Sameach

  • Crud, I missed this. It sounds very fun… Scott Ian is hilarious. ANTHRAX to the rescue…

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