It’s past 1:30 am and thanks to the promise of a 6:45 am wake up call, everyone seems to now be in bed. We’re in a hotel on Mount Carmel in Haifa now and we’re all looking forward to a fun filled and action packed day tomorrow – highlights will include a hike, a visit to tsfat and more!

Pictured above is (on the left) Momo, the President of Oranim, our Israel trip provider. Today 4 Oranim trips arrived simultaneously and we were all greeted in Kfar Saba by Momo. Momo makes it a point to make himsel known to each and every participant that he brings to Israel. He gave a speech outlining the rules of the trip – you know, don’t do this and don’t do that, but above all the message was about love – his love for his family both immediate and extended, as in every person in that room, the state of Israel andd the Jewish people. I know, I know… that’s alot of love! What can I say? he’s both sincere and charismatic that way.

Pictured on the right is Ofer, our tour guide. He wins for best lines of the day:

“Hello. My name is Ofer. In Hebrew that means Bambi. Don’t call me Bambi. My name is Ofer.”
He later discussed proper attire for hiking: “No flip flops or ting tongs!” Ting tongs is Ofer’s word for tank tops. How adorable!

OK, I will try to be more fun tomorrow…

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