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From Beit Jewlicious, deep in the heart of Machaneh Yehudah (central market) Jerusalem, happy Israel Independence Day! More photos to come from tonight’s celebrations. Oh and that smiley face? That was supposed to be Michael but then he didn’t want me to use the pic because he says the camera makes his butt look big. Uh… I guess now we know why he’s so bitter.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Yom atzmaut sameach to everyone! Go nuts, everybody, and make sure to party hard enough to compensate for poor wretches like myself who have finals all week.

  • Michael’s skin tone looks a bit sallow. Looks like he’s got a touch of the jaundice. Or, en francais: Il est jaune.

  • i regularly read jewlicious ,urban kvetch and other blogs where jews talk about supporting israel and actually do support israel with money,voice,energy time. However i really think they all should read your blog everyday. Theres the big bashin manhattan where jews shmooze and donate and handshake and hug but no talk about aliya.
    Then theres maude…you in israel ,ablog not so colorful , nor visited often. No pics of you being hugged by the israeli ambassador.But your blog really makes the likes of jewlicious, israelycool, jewschool and others pale in comparison. You actually made the freakin aliya. You did it.To you israel is just another jewish neighborhood with kids playing, adults gonifing,police arresting jews who rob from jews,malls and baseball games.When i read jewlicious i think israel is a dream, a future we all want.When i read yours i see that the others are bull shit.Talking about supporting israel with checks, using one or two hebrew words in a sentence to show “Im jewish”.Yes,israel needs the money, the lobby in wash dc,the political power in america. But israel doesnt need to show jews that they are just as important in the usa as in israel. Israel should show that the money is appreciated but its second even third to aliya. Thats whats missing at those jewlicious bashes at a beach, urban kvetch talks over coffee in some sex in the city bar.What you do makes those sexy jews look weak. To them , israel is the church plate we pass around on sunday giving money but not really following THE WORD.Its all folkloric to them.They convert israel into sunday church song but afterthey forget that its over there already.
    When we read jewlicious we get pulled into a world where israel is not real but a goal all jews have.One can forget that its a country now and start to believe that its nothing more than a political cause. your blog lacks the pizaz those others have but it cuts them down coldly by saying ” hey look over here” Im in israel . But when they hear you they say..”oh who cares .we are having our party here and dont disturb us .go back to your silly life in your silly country.” they forget that they too can do it but they dont want to hear that its really not so difficult.
    steve | 05.04.06 – 2:28 am | #

  • Dude. What the fuck are you talking about? Most of us live in Israel. And this is Jewlicious you posted on.

    Also, can you hook a brother up with some of that rock?

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