We would never wear non-regulation pants!

Busted!I’m not fetishizing female members of the IDF, OK? It’s just that 120 of them, serving in bases in the Golan Heights and Galilee were recently busted for stylishly altering their Army issue pants by lowering the regulation higher waist. The army brass couldn’t help but notice the recent dramatic increase in low-riders, which the female soldiers said were more flattering to their figures.

A senior official in the Northern Command told Ynet that recently there has been a sharp increase in the number of incidents in which female soldiers lower the waistlines of their army pants… “You need to view the situation from two directions: First, and most importantly, this is a severe blow to the norms and disrespect to army uniforms. On the other hand we can’t forget that these are young women who until recently dressed in adolescent fashion, went out to entertainment spots in very low cut jeans and revealing shirts,” he said.

So bustedA “severe blow to the norms?” Clearly this signals a troubling trend – first soldiers refuse to shake hands with the IDF Chief of Staff, then they vandalize Army uniforms – what’s next? Luckily, none of the 120 women involved got demoted and kicked out of their unit. Some received fines and others were confined to their bases… where they uh, no doubt helped soap each others’ backs in the steamy showers and had some really hot slumber parties.

By the way, I got all these photos from the Iran Defence Forum – a message board where the visitors, amongst other things, really have a thing for hot Israeli female soldiers. This thread contained literally hundreds of photos and represents the best place on the Web to find such images. I don’t get it – maybe it’s because their female warriors are clad in burqas? I don’t know, but it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

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