That’s the plan anyway, and pending approval from Iranian Grand poobah or whatever they call him, Ali Khamenehi – that’s what’s going to happen. Jews will have to sew yellow (why yellow I wonder?) strips to their clothing, Christians red and Zoroastrians blue. Homosexuals will be merely stoned on sight and so they needn’t bother with strips of cloth as they will be easily identifiable by their battered and uh… dead bodies.

Just when you thought the Iranian leadership couldn’t possibly be any more idiotic… If they keep this up many Iranians will also soon be easily identifiable by the green glow emanating from their clothing.

Source: National Post

UPDATE: The Iranian Embassy in Ottawa has vehemently denied that such a law has been passed by the Iranian Parliament. Well, not yet anyway…

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  • Where is our outrage? Why are we not protesting outside of Iranian embassies EVERY day? Why is the community remaining so silent?

  • I kept hoping there would be a punchline or a realization that this is Canada’s version of The Onion.

    I’m just gonna sit in my cube and shake my head for a while.

  • As psycho as that is, it doesn’t seem to be the main thrust of the legislation — it seems to focus on the increasingly western dress of Iranian youth:

    “[T]he Iranian parliament, called the Islamic Majlis, passed a law this week setting a dress code for all Iranians, requiring them to wear almost identical ‘standard Islamic garments.'”

  • Well, that’s comforting. So at least it is just legislation aimed at repressing Iranian women. Uhhh…

    I need a hug.

  • Just to clarify…

    This has nothing to do with stunting Western clothes. It has specifically to do with making sure that Iranian Muslims do not shake hands with non-Muslims, thus making them unclean. And why? Here’s the truly scary part:

    “According to Ahmadinejad, the new Islamic uniforms will establish ‘visual equality’ for Iranians as they prepare for the return of the Hidden Imam.”

    The best part? In order for the Hidden Imam to return, some sort of cataclysmic, “end of days” type battle with the non-believers must occur.

    Worried yet?

  • Look out for next season’s Nazi couture courtesy of Iranian Islamofascism. Iran is bringing back vintage Nazi legislation, but this time around, Christians are not exempt from state-sponsored fascist fashionistas. Iran sure has peculiar fashion tastes, sheik to say the very least. What’s next for President Mahmoud Ahmadinedjad: an Adolf Hitler mustache?

  • God, I hope it’s false. I wouldn’t put it past them, though. Iran seems to be begging for an asskicking.

  • The truly scary part is that indeed this law has been on the books for two years, only was stimied white Khatami and the “reformists” were still in power. Now that Ahmadinedjad is in control, with his maniacal obsession with the end of the world, how can we at all be surprised?

  • These guys are a laugh a minute (not). Hysterical is more like it. Literally. This “hysteria by committee” of theirs (mullahs etc.) is what’s supposed to keep them in power, I suppose. Don’t think it’s going to work much longer…

  • Just got this from the Iranian American Jewish Federation…

    Dear Friends,

    As all of you know, starting late last night there’s been a stream of reports from a number of different sources, suggesting that the Iranian Parliament passed a law under which Iranian Jews and other religious minority groups are required to wear clothes (or badges) that will identify them as such.

    So far we’ve seen three different versions of the report.

    Obviously, we are all extremely worried and are working frantically to get to the bottom of these reports.

    I would like to thank all of you for your concern and your support.

    So far the two reports we managed to obtain from our own independent sources from inside the country suggest that the original reports are false. Both Mr. Morris Motamed the Jewish member of the Iranian Parliament and Mr Parviz Yeshaya the former head of the community have strongly denied the reports. We are also attempting to get additional information through other religious minority groups.

    I will try to call all of you by phone as soon as humanly possible. For now though, please accept this e-mail as an interim update.

    Thank you

    Sam Kermanian

    Secretary General

    Iranian American Jewish Federation

  • More updates: From the AP/CBS:
    (Slightly confusing)
    Iranian Law Would Encourage Islamic Dress
    Iranian lawmakers consider law encouraging women to wear Islamic clothing

    TEHRAN, Iran, May. 20, 2006
    By NASSER KARIMI Associated Press Writer


    And a denail printed from Canada’s more established Globe & Mail:

    Amid furor, Iranian denies dress-code report



    Pretty muddled over all, but good sources are essential for good news. Something to keep in mind instead of paying attention to all the hype. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • Always too fast with the typing. That was a Denial by the Globe & Mail. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • The Canadian paper retracted the story. I guess that means it’s too late to make a “Badges?! We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!!” joke.

    Or maybe not. It’s never too late to make that joke. 🙂