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Photo: More at IsraelActivist. Yes, that is Malik “Jews planned 9-11” Ali, together with Mr. Mr. Elchonon Kirschenbaum, and David “Shaheed Wannabe” Weiss of Monsey, New York.

I am taking the liberty of reposting this from Concerned UCI Student. He introduced himself to me yesterday, and requested absolute anonymity. He has admirably tried to get UCI to stop being a haven for Islamic extremists, “My goal for this blog is to keep an online repository for everyone out there fighting the anti-Semites that regularly visit US college campuses. The University of California, Irvine is one such location.”

The MSU held an event called “Islamic Palestine” tonight (May 18, 2006) from 8:30 to 10:15 pm in Humanities Hall 178. I was there for the whole thing.

The place was packed – every seat was taken and at least 10 people were standing in the back.

Amir Abdel Malik Ali (the MSU’s favorite anti-Semitic firebrand) spoke for quite a while, then Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta (an “anti-Zionist” Orthodox Jewish sect) spoke for a bit. (See this post for more info on Neturei Karta and the other idiots the MSU likes to invite to speak on campus)

Malik Ali did his usual shtick, albeit a bit calmer than usual. However, I had never heard Weiss speak – he’s a funny guy!

Weiss hung himself and the MSU with some of his comments (such as “Zionist Filth”). He just doesn’t know when to shut up. I actually felt sorry for Amir Abdel Malik Ali, sitting there politely next to Weiss with Weiss going on and on and on.

Malik Ali asked something to Weiss – I forget what it was about, other than if something was in the Torah or the Talmud, and instead of giving the short answer that Malik Ali wanted, Weiss went off on three tangents before finally answering Malik Ali’s question.

The Q&A was especially funny: the first question went to Malik Ali, the rest went to Weiss, who continued to run at the mouth.

At the end, a female student in full hijab came up to the stage and announced that a collection was being started for a Palestinian orphan and that they wanted to see if they could get together $500. Then she said why they were doing this: because the Israelis prevent the orphans from getting an education, food, etc.

So the audience got fed yet another lie (blame the Jews – they’re culpable in every problem, right?).

According to Yossi Olmert, the UN report states that the PA has been the largest per-capita recipient of foreign aid since 1994. Where’d it all go? It wasn’t all spent on buying weapons. It wasn’t spent on building houses. Maybe instead of blaming the Jews for their own problems, the MSU needs to investigate the Swiss bank accounts where the terrorists Arafat and Company stashed those billions of dollars.

Here, I found another source for feeding orphans in the PA – don’t buy weapons; use the money to buy food.

I also have to wonder WHICH organization that money is being given too – a front organization for HAMAS, perhaps?

More from Concerned Student:

Men to one side, women to the other (or so they tried)

May 15, 2006, 5:30 PM
“Kingdom of Saudi America”
Room # SSL 228

As per usual, the UC Irvine Muslim Student Union tried to segregate men to the speaker’s right and women to the speaker’s left. At least one brave individual refused to go along, even after private and public requests to move – BRAVO!

The same thing has happened to me at previous MSU events that I’ve attended which were not religious occasions. I too have refused to segregate even after repeated requests.

During the civil rights movement, my father helped organize a sit-in at a barber shop when the barber refused to cut a black person’s hair. He was arrested, convicted, spent time in jail, and then had to fight to have his conviction overturned (which he was successful in doing so).

After he went through all that, I’ll be DAMNED if I go along with any form segregation on a public university campus when its not a purely religious event.

[Editors note: Events on University grounds by student groups are subject to the rules of the University. Segregation by sexes cannot be imposed, by MSU, the Hillel, or anyone else. At Long Beach State, a student was kicked out of a Malik Ali speech by Jeff Klaus, in charge of student programs, for sitting on the “women’s side.” He later had to escort the student back into the women’s “side” when he received word from his bosses that he was totally out of line. The MSA leader Ahmad had a hysterical fit.]

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  • It’s nice to see what Islamic terrorists look like dressed up as Jews. I don’t understand why the Jews weren’t more aggressive in their protests. I don’t mean being violent but there had to be a better way to protest Islamofacist terrorists than serving pie.
    If a group advocated murdering Catholics rest assured I would be in people’s faces with a bullhorn and kick their ass verbally and emotionally.
    Why are Jews in America such wimps? It’s pathetic and makes me wonder why I support Israel when most Jews don’t even care.

  • Nina,

    It’s been my experience that getting into yelling matches with anti-Semites really doesn’t accomplish anything. First of all, they aren’t going to change their mind. More often than not they’re going to hate us, whether we talk to them, yell at them, or say nothing at all. And when confronted with a fact, they either deny it or make up another baseless lie to counter it. So, the focus should be on the people they are talking to, the people who’s opinions they are trying to set/change.

    I believe many Jews have come to the conclusion that those people are more likely persuaded by someone who speaks to them rationally then someone who yells at the top of their lungs. Further, when an anti-Semite is screaming their empty rhetoric at the top of their lungs, I would think they look pretty absurd when the subject of their rhetoric is giving out pie and balloons.

    So, I guess my answer to your question is that I think you are rational and can be reasoned with, but that “they” aren’t and can’t.

  • That’s a dangerous attitude, BA. While it is reasonable and probably good tactics to ignore the wacky or insane anti-semites – and in this case anti-Zionists who have strong overtones of anti-semitism in their repertoire – I would say that some of these folks are far too sophisticated to sound like loonies. They also tap into veins of ancient hatreds, so they don’t have to do as much debating and posturing to score points with their public. It’s important to be able to debate and call them on their misinformation because ignoring them is willful blindness that leaves the entire playing field to those who hate.

  • I would have to agree themiddle. About two weeks ago i was protesting Malik Ali’s
    speech at Cal State Long Beach while wearing a t-shirt reading “Malik Ali for Shaheed”.
    After his anti-Semitic speech I got into a debate with him with an audience of about 30 or
    40 people. I discredited him on several accounts, to which he simply changed the topic as
    he usually does. But the “jury” heard my points. And thats what its all about. Your not
    going to change their views or their beliefs. But you have to discredit them in the eyes of
    the public. People who otherwise know nothing or very little about the subject and are
    easily swayed to believing whatever they hear. These people arent loonies. They are
    insane fundamentalists highly educated in their field and very well spoken. The holocaust
    didnt start with Hitler getting up and saying lets gas the jews… Its started with speeches
    like Malik Ali’s. Thats why we have to stand up and let the

  • middle,
    I would respectfully suggest that you may have misunderstood my point. My comment addresses the audience at issue and the form of the message to persuade. When the sole audience is the anti-semetic, anti-Zionist sophist, arguing with them is pretty much akin to mental masturbation, a pointless exercise. However, in the circumstance where the ultimate audience is someone who has not yet formed their opinion or who’s opinion is open to change (whether it is the person being responded to or another listener), then I believe that individual is worth my time. Moreover, when such a circumstance presents itself (e.g., an ultimate audience open to pursuasion), it has been my experience that the form of the message that is most persuasive is the rational speaker with a command of the facts. Raising one’s volume does not necessarily mean one is conveying a more powerful message.

  • BA,
    I understand where you are coming from but I just don’t understand why there wasn’t more outrage among Jews. I’m Catholic and I was absolutely furious at what I saw and heard. If I lived close by I would have definately went and protested.
    You’re right about these people being unreasonable loons but they have to be shown that the majority of Americans disagree with them.
    Anway, thanks for making some very good points and making me think. Shalom.
    Rafiki, you rock!

  • This is a rare instance of someone out-Middling Middle. BA’s right on target. The real issue is how you deal with the ordinary person on campus who’s exposed to this. Perhaps such a person shouldn’t be “ignored”. But, Middle, do you organize counterdemonstrations and handouts when the LaRouche folks are in town?

    As offensive as these Islamic extremists are, we shouldn’t permit ourselves to be caught in a folie a deux (isn’t there something fetish-like about that ‘wall’?) in which the first casualty is our judgment about how to respond. Rationality, a calm, measured voice, and– even– irony and a bemused distance can be potent weapons.

    Nina, we’ll air-drop you into Szechuan Province to deal with the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association.

  • What’s a papist doing on this site? She may be an Opus Dei plant. Middle?… MIDDLE?

  • There is something subtly odd about the way these guys’ chassidic-looking garments hang, on their bodies. These clothes just don’t have that lived-in look. Their long hair is real, obviously, but I have the feeling they don’t usually wear these clothes. The coats are too new-looking, and don’t quite fall right off their shoulders, to really be their real, everyday clothes. I have looked at a lot of photos of chassidim, and there seems to me to be a difference. It’s just a feeling.

  • Morrisey, don’t change the subject. This is too serious. It is indeed important for the jury to hear the other side. Done properly, convincingly, coolly.

  • Jewish Mother, that is their fly pimp Jew hatin BEkashas. Only the flyest cuts for good ol Jew hating….. not for nothing, those are some seriously wicked peiyos (however u spell it)

  • What the hell is a papist? I guess you are more Catholic than I am.

  • Nina, it’s a derogatory term for Catholics (reference is to the pope, of course). From one papist to another, my best wishes.

    Jewish Mother, I didn’t change the subject, having left a comment similar to your own. I can’t believe you don’t reflect deeply on every pearl of wisdom I leave on this site 😉

  • Not fly enough! Coats don’t really, really fit! And the hats are too identical. CK, compare this photo with a lot of crowd shots, and street shots, of real chassidim, and tell me what you think. These are just not lived-in clothes! Yes, the payot are terrific. But I think these men are in costumes which they wear only sometimes. No two chassidim buy their hats on the same day, from the same manufacturer. There are subtle differences. Not visible for folks for whom “they all look alike”.

  • May 23, 2006
    A Report on “Holocaust in the Holyland” at UC Irvine
    Filed under: Front Page, Opinion, USA, Hamas, Islam, Palestinians
    by Allyson Rowen Taylor

    I am the Associate Director of the American Jewish Congress in Los Angeles. I spent three days at UC Irvine to witness the hate speech and gross misrepresentations of Jews, Israeli’s Americans and Zionists at the “Holocaust in the Holyland week. I listened to the horrific lies of Norman Finkelstein under the guise of him being historian. I heard Malik Ali talk about extermination of Jews in Israel, short of saying kill, he used terms like “eliminate” when discussing Israel. I was followed by the campus police, and watched by the administration, so that I could not openly talk out, or disagee with a blatant lies made about history, or Jews. At the end of Malik Ali’s hate speech, I finally had enough, and trying to get him to publically say it was about “the Jews” and not “those people” I was shouted down by repeated “Allah Akbars” and laughter.

    I understood that day,standing alone what it felt like to be a Jew in pre-war Germany. I understood how fearful the hostages in Iran must have felt when the US Embassy was taken over. I felt the pain of the Jews, who were expelled from their homes in the Middle East, and the suffering they must have felt under Sharia laws which eventually drove them from their lives and their history. And I understand the double standards that occur when it comes to the UCI administration in taking a postion to facilitate peaceful diaglogue. I witnessed the supression of my freedom of speech for three days, until the very end when I could no longer stay silent. I listened to three long tedious hours of Norman Finkelstein, who mocks the Holocaust Business, however has made a living on …guess what, The Holocaust business! His denial of the true implications of mass murder committed by the Nazi’s is overshadowed by his hatred of being a Jew himself.

    I heard about “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide” however, no one could answer why the Palestinian population has quadrupled since 1948. I heard statements like “Zionism is not Judaism” by “Rabbi’s” from Nutrei Karta who get paid to say what they do by the Saudi government after the death of their buddy Yassar Arafat. They recently met with Iran’s leader (go to http://www.memri.org/ to see the clip) and called for the end to the Jewish State and Zionism. Just think, the MSU found a “sect” of Jews who number about 2000 more or less, to speak the “truth” for over 15,000,000 people. There will always be useful idiots to speak for the enemy, and the MSU has found a coterie that they parade around from campus to campus, with the same tired speechs from last year. In fact, I can even quote Finkelstein’s speech verbatum. You would think that for the $5,000.00 fee , hotel, food and airfare, that Norman could at least come up with another speeech, leaving out the “Ma, I found it I found it” lines in reference to his finding flaws with Joan Peters book “In Time Immorial”. This speech is neither cute or funny. It is just feeding fuel to a crowd thirsty to hear a Jew talking about Jews in ways which they cannot.

    As for Malik Ali, I just wonder what the University would do, if I substituted the words “Jew” and “Zionist” for “black” and “colored”. I would be attacked, called a racist, and the NAACP and ACLU would be all over me. However, it is “de riguer” to say outwardly things about Jews that were once said in private. I find the use of the freedoms of a democracy based on Judeo Christian values to perpetrate hatred under the guise of freedom… absurd.

    I was with an associate and after I was escorted from the area behind the “apartheid wall” to sing with the supporters of Israel, we chatted with one of the campus police. My friend asked if this was a rough event to cover, as it was contentious and very hostile. The campus officer said, “Protecting the MSU is easier than than the Campus Republicans”. How very sad. Conservatives on this campus are treated with more hatred than students who wear Kyffia’s and support Iran and it’s daily calls to eliminate not only Israel, but the United States of America. I wonder who these student’s loyalty belongs to. Iran? Syria? North Korea? Is this the new radical chic?

    I am saddened not only by the lack of historical context, education and truth that these students have especially in light of their being students at a very prestigious university. I am saddened by the loss of innocence, the lack of respect, and the fall, as they say, of western civilization.

    I hold the administration of this University responsible, especially Manuel Gomez, Sally Peterson and the new Chancellor. After repeated attempts to make our position heard, clearly it was just a token to listen to us, appeasement, and a lack of respect for Jews and Israeli’s worldwide. Their lack of actions spoke louder than the amplified “Allah Akbars” and their support of hate is something I never learned in History 101. Shame on the University, and shame on the parents and religious centers that preach hate and death. And to top this off, we get to see the Green HAMAS shehada scarfs all over again at graduation. I guess after all these years, we have truly neither made any movement towards peace, reconcillation, and respect for others who may not share the same values. This is truly very very sad.

    Allyson Rowen Taylor, Associate Director, American Jewish Congress, Western Region

  • I think the answer, is obvious, if this place of higher learning is encouraging hate as a medium for constructive dialogue( and silencing you’re dissent), sue, sue all of those involved, organize vocally and sue, don’t let up. Discrediting is one thing going on record is another. Align as many Jewish and non-Jewish organizations as possible and sue. If not lobby, for action. Demonstrate. Show courage, through the avenues available, challenge, debate, shine a light on it. Powerlessness is an illusion. Churchill once said “Never give in, never, never, never, only to convictions of honour and good sense” use you’re freedom,to organize to challenge to debate, to shame hatemongers its a gift, actualize it. Many are without it, know what you have, the freedom to fight back, through reasonable means of societal mechanisms expect no less of yourselves and you will win. Hide and appease, and the results are well known. Once you start running you will never feel safe to challenge what you know to be right. Live free. Or run forever.

  • It’s quite easy for anti-Jewish Islamists [Ahmadinmejad who’s called the new ‘HITLER’ by many international leaders, inclusing U.S. officials, Dubai’s leader, Germany’s Angela Merkel, Italy’s S Berlusconi, and others.] to be buddy-buddy with a few Jews while planning to ‘wipe out 6,000,000’ Jews in Israel (or outside of it).


    It was more than enough for me to see on Memri TV N. G. Finkelstein’s support for Hezbollah as “Lebanon’s honor.” That same organization [terrorizing all over the globe with attacks in: Argentina, Lebanon, Somalia, Iraq, Afganistan, France, Panama, etc.] whose head Hassan Nassrallah said in 2002 that he’s glad that all Jews are gathered in Israel so that it’s easier to go after them… the same al-Manar that invented the “4,000 jews” [conspiracy] lie a few days after the Islamic attack of 911, the same al-manar TV that is banned in [large parts of] Europe for spreading racism, hatred on Jews dehumanizing them (via Islamofascistic radical text/interpretation) referring to them as: as “apes and pigs.” The same Hezbollah that conspired with neo-Nazis in Argentina to massacre the Jews in AMIA in 1994.

    A pitiful creature no wonder he “criticized” J. Peter’s book, in fact as this anti-Jewish bigot (who happened to be born to Jewish parents) is ‘against” Peter’s book, it only CREDITS Peter’s credibility even further.
    Come to think of it, Why didn’t Zionist Jews object massive Arab immigration to Palestine (grandparents of today’s most Arab Palestinians) whereas racist Arabs violently pushed the British to order block of Jewish immigration? Isn’t impressive Jews’ tolerance was/is to aggressive violent Arabs far greater one realizes?

    Last but not least, this confused guy really think that Islamists (Hamas, Fatah – Mahmoud abbas’ terrorists ‘al-aqsa martyrs,’ Hezbollah, al-qaeda, etc.) would hesitate if his EXTRA-LIBERAL throat is in their bloodthirsty “freedom-fighting” hands/sword?