Of course, an academic paper that claims that US Foreign policy has been and continues to be subverted by a shadowy cabal of disloyal American Jews is going to unleash a shit storm. Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz has predictably written a detailed response and although some of our friends have described it as “less than intelligent, lacking intellectual depth, from the like (sic.) of Alan Dershowitz,” it’s actually quite well written. Granted our friends didn’t really do a detailed analysis of the Dershowitz paper so I have no idea where they found it intellectually lacking. Other critiques of the paper have already been discussed by our own TheMiddle in his previous posts on the topic.

Now Walt and Mearsheimer have responded to their critics in a letter to the editor of the London Review of Books. The letter reflects the same level of intellectual depth as their original paper, which is to say, very little. Of course they refute all assertions that their motivations were anti-semitic. They repudiate the support they received from notorious American Nazi David Duke. All they really want, they claim, was to have “a candid discussion of the US relationship with Israel.”

They concluded their letter by stating that “The fact remains that the United States is in deep trouble in the Middle East, and it will not be able to develop effective policies if it is impossible to have a civilised discussion about the role of Israel in American foreign policy.”

Their central thesis is thus that civilised discussion is seriously hampered by the mere existence of the ominously capitalized “Lobby.” The fact that any lobby is an important part of the American Democratic process, allowing like minded citizens to promote their various agendas and is an important part of any civilised discourse is irrelevant to these two bone heads. What they are really saying is that a civilised discussion in this respect can only be carried out absent the voice of clearly biased and unpatriotic supporters of Israel.

In other words, “Shut the fuck up Jews.”

To that I respond, “Shut the fuck up Walt and Mearsheimer.” It’s time for these guys to stick their heads out of their ivory assholes. I hope none of what I have written suggests a disdain for academia. It’s quite the contrary. Walt and Mearsheimer have made a mockery of academia and the rigorous intellectual processes it demands. Their paper is shit and does not merit the attention it has received. If I were Harvard or the University of Chicago, I’d be embarrassed. “[P]iss-poor, monocausal social science” indeed.

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