Barbra Walters - I think she's sexy...Riffing off of the well read neanderthal’s magazine of choice, Maxim and their Hot-100 list, the equally soporific have released their list of the 25 Un-Sexiest Women. The one Jewess on the list, Barbara Walters has the following description appended to her photo:

I guess it would be cool to do it with the women (sic.) who was on the scene when they repealed prohibition, but not cool enough to ever tell anyone about it.

Personally, I don’t think being 76 years old makes you automatically unsexy. In her role as the interviewer of note to powerful world leaders and newsmakers, Barbara was plenty sexy as she held her own and even bested many of her subjects. However, in her role as resident yenta on daytime talk show The View, she is decidedly unsexy. This is confirmed whenever an indvertent viewing of the show results in uh… my losing an inch or two due to horror induced shrinkage.

Rocker Courtney Love also made the list, but despite her heroin inspired assertions, she is in fact not Jewish. Unless you go by Reform standards in which case her one Jewish grandparent would make her Jewish, or her lack of Jewishness could be quickly remedied by a 5-minute commitment ceremony. Or something.

As for Maxim’s Hot-100, we have at #9 Keira Knightley who looks like Jewess Nathalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson at #6.

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  • Really? I kinda like it. It’s got a measure of retro appeal.

    Anybody remember that endearing “Jewess Jeans” SNL skit with Gilda Radner?

  • totally thought kathy griffin was jewish. maybe because of her joan riversesqueness. totally thought barbara was shiksa. maybe because of her star jonesesqueness.

  • Courtney is not a Jewess. She is only maybe partly Jewish. Connie Chung converted to Judaism just prior to marrying Maury Povich but the conversion wasn’t Orthodox, and appatrently took 5 minutes. Cynthia Nixon is listed as Jewish in a few places but I don’t know the details. Guess the hair and the last name threw me off.

    Oh and No! You’re the idiot!

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