Rachel StevensApparently Jewish Brits, if they had their druthers, would date David Schwimmer (second place Woody Allen???) and British pop star Rachel Stevens (Who wouldn’t want to bring her home to uh… Mum?). This according to a story on YNetNews by Leslie Bunder of DailyJews.com. As interesting and informative as the article was, Leslie (a great guy and a fine writer) could not have possibly penned the following unfortunate prose:

Rachel Stevens beat off a host of other Jewish females including Caprice, Rachel Weisz and even The Apprentice’s Alexa Tilley to be at the top of most Jewish men’s lists. [emphasis mine]

Oh my.

I would have loved to have seen Rachel do that. Hopefully the editors at YNet will fix this unfortunate albeit intriguing typo (hint: I think you meant beat out and not beat off). Until then, my brain will be seared with the image of… oh never mind.

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  • Unless it’s a British thing. You know, like “going to hospital” etc.

    On a Schwimmer-er note, I’m off to see the Caine Mutiny Court Martial, starring the aforementioned coveted Jew.

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