CNN in their reporting brilliance has the folowing headline “ Israel fires rocket at car in Gaza City“. Its occupants were unharmed. Later it notes that Israel claims 48 rockets launched at Israel just over the weekend.

Thats right, Hamas launches 48 missles and Israel fires one rocket this weekend, and what does the headline read? Furthermore, CNN continues to write that the Gaza Beach incident was caused by an Israeli attack, (along with all other news major news sources) when Israel has retreated from its acceptance of blame. The Palestininas wil not let the IDF get in there to examine the site of the attack. CBC breaks rank and reports that maybe Israel was not to blame.

The videos are extremely suspicious of a new Mohammed al-Dura episode. Its Massacre of Jenin, Muhammed al-Dura, all over again. Video footage is provided by “Ramattan tv” a real Gaza News source.

Watch this over and over again and then tell me that this is for real. The girl weeps over something, then is seen walking away. Meanwhile the “red crescent” guys are walking over to attend to the wounded. It seems they run when given the cue. Then notice that there are two lumps in the sand, one which is moving. If this is a wounded man, why are the rescuers walking?

In the Al Jazeera cut they add in random footage of the boats at sea, when there are no boats at sea in the oher clips. The CNN reporters says that the beach attack was from Israeli gunners—not from Israeli ships— but the Al Jazeera blames it on ships. So was it ships or gunners? Can’t Ramattan get it right?

Why are the “rescuers” clearing the beach of the belongings of the family? Wouldn’t they want to investigate the scene and treat the wounded? There is no hole in the ground of an explosion, where are all the other victims, where is the attrocity? We have all seen what an area looks like after a large explosion…

John Stewart? Please rip this to shreads….

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  • This hoax is just par for the course… unfortunately, the world has already digested its requisite anti-Israeli media soundbyte. The truth is just going to get in the way of that “murderous (Jew… no, wait) Zionist” mentality that MSM routinely attempts to portray.

  • Excellent coverage of the issues. I still can’t say for sure I know the IDF didn’t do it (I’m not sure the IDF can even say that since they aren’t allowed to investigate). But there certainly is a fairly familiar stench around this.

    If John Stewart or some other mainstream figures someday start taking the time to “rip this to shreds” it would be a great day. I don’t understand (well–actually I do) why the mainstream media loves nothing more than to expose fraud and conspiracy and coverups in the American government or corporate world, and yet seem allergic to even reading past the Reuters headlines in analyzing this otherwise low-hanging fruit.

  • I don’t know you guys. I would like us to temper any smug self righteousness with at least a tiny measure of sympathy and sadness for the tragedy that occured. While it’s looking more and more as if it may not have been an Israeli shell – the possibility remains that it might have been and in any case, what remains undeniable is that the victims were innocent. Please people, this is not anything we can and ought to rejoice about.

  • You may not know me, but this again has all the hallmarks of an engineered tragedy. That innocent people were killed is always tragic, but I find it more tragic that the ultimate victim in this whole affair is the truth. With Hamas attempting to obfuscate the investigation at every level, this will undoubtedly resonate in the Palestinian and global mindset as yet another example of Zionist aggression, without ever having the facts to counter their claim.

  • Understood of course. My reaction separates the pain and trauma of the individual victims with whom I sympathize regardless of who did it to them, or who they are. Nevertheless, part of what drives this conflict is demonization, and if this event is part of that, then that separate component deserves attention. The victims suffering is still very real, but the answer of what must be done might be understood a little clearer (that is, driving the immoral Israeli military monster to surrender may not actually address the entirety of what’s going on here).

  • You must know that idf came for reason in gaza beach, the reason was eliminating terrorist activity. This tragedy happen accidently, Israel apologize and was sarrow about it. The terrorist are firing qassims at israeli towns, qassim rockets could massacre israeli people.If hamas involve in the gaza beach incedent, they should not blame israel without evidance or proof. Hamas and its other terrorist groups never apologize to israeli victims of suicide bombing. Idf should take action on terrorist groups who are firing qassim rockets or they will massacre israelis.

  • Not a tear from me. I couldn’t care less who or what killed those people, unless it was Israel intentionally targeting unarmed and uninvolved civilians. But that’s not the case.

    I wouldn’t have felt sorry for Germans bombed to bits either at the end of WWII.

    The Arabs started a war. They shouldn’t expect otherwise.

  • Oh Shy Guy. What child who has just lost 6 members of her family does not deserve some measure of sympathy? Come on man – for once, don’t be such a hard ass. Your statement, which i am certain you don’t mean, reminds me of this one time I spoke to a hard line Palestinian activist who told me he doesn’t remotely feel sorry when a child or an innocent civilian gets blown up in a suicide bombing. Do you really want to be just like that guy? I really refuse to believe that what you just wrote is anything more than posturing occasioned by the harsh realities we have to go through living in this country. I refuse to believe that you haven’t a shred of sympathy for the innocent victims of this tiresome and painful conflict.

  • No sympathy for an enemy vent on my destruction. There are enough Israeli terror victims keeping my sympathies occupied.

    You compare my remarks to reverse ones by some Arab. Do you think I’m handing out candies or dancing in the streets?

    Do you know which side you’re on? Is there a right and a wrong here or are you one of those that morally equivalize Israel and the Arabs?

    I would be more than happy if we could invent magic bullets that know whether a target is innocent or not. But that’s not reality.

    Reality is that these are people who voted in a bigger-terrorists-than-the-last-one government. These are people who have been working for our annihilation for decades. These are people whose charters documents the necessity for the destruction of Israel. This is what they know and teach their children. They worship death. It’s a pity that humans have sunk to such a level of barbarity. There’s my pity for you.

    “Kol hamerachem al achzarim, sofo she’hu mitachzer la-rachmanim”

    He who is compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate”.

    Count me out of such misplaced compassion.

  • What about compassion for relatives or neighbors of the cruel, but not the cruel themselves? I support military defense against terrorism (and organized attacks against our sovereign state as well) despite the inevitability of civilian deaths (happens on both sides around here, one side on purpose though) so I don’t ask this to weaken anyone’s resolve for self-defense.

  • Abba, OK, I agree. Of course killed, crippled and mamed children and innocents is a horrible thing. I don’t wish this upon anyone.

    However, fact is that when it occurs to such enemies of our people, I do not devote enough emotion or time to even bat an eyelid. I’ve got enough worries of my own, many thanks to this or that child’s relatives or neighbors.

  • This just in from the Jerusalem Post:

    The IDF probe investigating the deaths of seven Palestinian civilians from an explosion on a beach in Gaza on Friday evening concluded that chances were slim that the accident was caused by IDF shelling.

    According to Channel 2, the findings, expected to be formally released on Tuesday, showed an inconsistency between the shrapnel found in the body of one of the wounded babies and the metal used in IDF artillery.

    Moreover, the investigation noted the absence of a crater at the site of the explosion, as would be expected if an IDF shell had landed there.

    The third observation casting doubt on the possibility of IDF shelling was the gap between the time when the army shot the artillery and when the commotion on the beach began. According to the probe’s findings, several minutes past after the shelling, before the Palestinians on the beach reacted.

    The leading theory currently entertained, suggested that an explosive charge, buried by Palestinians on the Gaza beach to prevent Israeli infiltration, was behind the explosion.

    Throughout the whole investigation, army officials complained at the lack of Palestinian cooperation. Unconfirmed reports further suggested attempts by Palestinians to remove shrapnel from the bodies of the wounded, treated in Israeli hospitals, thus impeding the investigation.

  • Jpost is reporting that an Israel investigation categorically states that the IDF was not responsible for the deaths and that, most likely, they were the result of buried explosives, planted by Hamas to, err, deter any Israeli “incursions.”

    Shocking, eh?