Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger has initiated a website for worldwide prayers on behalf of the wounded, abducted and fighting Israeli soldiers. Many acts of kindness are being done on their behalf as well.

On Rabbi Metzger’s site,, Jews from all over the world are signing up (53,106 as of writing this) to take part in a joint prayer service scheduled for this Tuesday night at 7 PM (12 noon New York time).

These days, when we are “between the straits”, and in these desperate hours, our brothers Sons of Israel in the State of Israel face hard and murderous times from our enemies and those who are up to destroy us.

While in the battle front our brave soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces risk their lives in the air and sea to repel those who turn upon us, and defend our people and the cities in Israel.

I call upon our Jewish brothers in the Diaspora, wherever they are, to pray for the well-being of our soldiers and their success this Tuesday, for the recovery of the wounded, and the return of the captives to the loving arms of their families all safe and sound. —Rabbi Yona Metzger

Is there a category for world-wide prayer sites at the Webbys? Hmmm better speak with Tiffany!

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  • This war is showing why liberals really suck.

    You have a situation here that Israel did not start.

    Yet the libs want Israel to accept the violence against her.

    This is insane.

  • Does anyone know why the media is calling this action in Lebanon the “Israeli Offensive”? It’s seems pretty DEfensive…
    Honestly wondering…

  • It refers to a military advance into a position. Such as the Ally “invasion” into Normandy is often called the “Normandy Offensive” even though it was really a defensive act. Even though Israel’s attack is a response to attacks on her, because they are advancing and not on the recieving end of an advance, it is consider an “offensive move” in military terms. Does that help?

  • BTW Rabbi Yohah, thanks for the link – the count was up to 62,561 when I signed up…

  • Why do people always bring up the fucking Neturei Karta? They’re a fringe group of violent exhibitionist ultra-Orthodox Jews, numbering only a few thousand, whose views are so extreme and offensive that even their fellow ultra-Orthodox Jews utterly shun them. Their views, despite what they say, are not in any way, shape or form representative of normative Orthodox Judaism, or any other branch of Judaism, nor are they representative of the views of the vast majority of the Jewish people. And furthermore, they throw their support fully behind groups which aim for the murder of Jewish people around the world, including Hizbullah, which is a completely untenable position according to Jewish law.

    Unfortunately for the Jews, though, they present themselves as the torch-bearers of Judaism, and ignorant people who have no knowledge of history or Jewish culture, or who have a vested interest in denying the Jews’ right to statehood, eagerly believe them.

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