In addition to hundreds of military targets, the Israeli army has also been targeting the symbols and particular evil that is Hezbollah. The Jpost reported: The IAF has also been destroying monuments and symbols in southern Lebanon, for example, a museum that glorified the ‘expulsion of the Jews’.

I did some research and it seems that there are two main Hezbollah museums. One of the them a “Islamic Resistance Museum” or “Hezbollah Museum” that is in the Bekaa valley town of Baalbek originally named after Baal. it has become the stronghold of Hezbollah in the Bekaa valley. This museum according to several blogs I read, glorifies the murder and death of Israelis and Jews.

Hezbollah’s Museum of Lebanese Resistance is in the parking lot out front. Paul and I dip inside to check out diorama displays of blood-soaked Israeli and American flags and cases full of weapons and other military equipment stripped from the bodies of Israeli soldiers. ….I view the diaries and personal effects of Hezbollah suicide bombers and machine gun attackers. A video of bomb attacks plays in the corner…. (Daniel Chamberlain)

The second “museum” and of course I use this term very tentatively, is located in the Khiam prison in southern Lebanon, well captured in this piece from Slate. This infamous prison was used by the South Lebanese Army, a militia that Israel helped establish.

Perhaps if someone knows of other such museums we can compile a belated Hezbollah travel site.

This New Yorker article from a few years ago is a frightening look at Hezbollah’s capabilities and propoganda.

But the real story behind Hezbollah is Iran. Iran is the spiritual and matierial patron of everything Hezbollah. Iran is bent on creating a permanent museum for the expulsion of the Jews: Palestine Edition, and using Hezbollah to get the ball rolling. Only days before the Hezbollah attack, Iran called for Israel to be wiped of the map, yet again.

I am not an alarmist, and I don’t believe that Israel’s destruction is near. But that does not mean that Israel is safe from harm’s way. Until Iran’s maniacal madman is brought under control (or rather put under ground), US forces in Iraq, Israeli civilians, Western democracies and others will continue to pay the price.

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  • Sorry I mean Iran. Now do u see why Bushes war in Iraq was a huge mistake? The US cannot open a 3rd front, when they aren’t even containing the first 2 dude.

  • SR- I can’t begin to tell you how bad of an Idea bombing Syria and Iran right now would be. Iran, whether it has nuclear weaponry or not, could easily strike Israel with weaponry it currently has and the results would be disasterous for Israel. There could even be a mobilization of Iranian troops into Syria and a full on war….

    I shudder at the thought.

  • PS. TM I saw your comment on Juan Cole’s blog, made comment of my own and it was not permitted on his blog!He blocked my comment!

  • Bon, Sooner or later, there’s gonna be a big one.

    Might as well duke it out now.

    Instead, this crap will continue forever.

    Since it is stated that Iran calls the shots, aren’t they responsible for the kidnapped soldiers and other murders?

    Bon, this brand of Islam, they want to destroy, why let them rape us?

  • Elon, he also didn’t publish my retort to the dude who attacked me viciously. He has an agenda and it’s his blog so I don’t expect equal opportunity over there.

  • Of course not, the radical left always supresses things it doesnt like (Socialism….)

    “Red Heart” Cole should just fess up that he supports Extreme Censorship

  • Well it is a dissapoint for me since I agree with much of his analysis on Iraq and the Bush administrations. It just seems very unprofessional and anti-academic to silence opinions, which aren’t in line with his own. That’s life.

  • Great & Amazing news.
    Israeil’s 30,000 IDF soldiers fighting with 500, 600 Hezbollah fighters.

    25 Israeil Soldiers killded
    3 Tanks, demloished
    1 Navy Ship demloished
    2 Helicopter demloished
    11 Civilans Killed

    At Hezbollah side,
    1 Hezbollah fighter
    300 Civilian
    Massive civilan homes, infrastructure destroyed.

    Great!… Israelis you are doing great:)

  • Dudes, IDF is nothing but cowards. With their 10,000’s of troops and the most advanced military arsenal, they have yet to put a dent in a 2000 man, ill-equipped militia. Imagine each of your surrounding neighbours creates several of these militias.. bye bye Israel! At any rate, IDF and Israeli population behind it deserve all the hell that they purpotrate on the rest of the world…. enjoy this one.

    Yours sincerely,
    An arab that once thought there could be peace between arabs and isaelis.

  • BTW, iran has 4,000,000 national guards, including 300,000 called ‘basige’, their elites. If you recall, 100 iranian national guardsmen trained hizbolla, a hizbolla that continues to inflict pain on IDF with each passing day. You wan to tell me that the US or israel want to take on iran? hehehehe, good luck!

  • Good question. Let’s see, what’s preferable, 3 nuclear bombs falling on Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa or 4,000,000 national guards who are far, far away and couldn’t defeat Iraq after 8 years of war?

    You know what’s scary? It’s that the Iranians will launch international terror attacks if they’re attacked by the West.

  • Hey remember the Iran/Iraq war? What was the average age of those National “Guardsmen?” Like, 12? Really Majid, I am so scared. Is that a road you think Iran really wants to take? Israel’s biggest challenge in such a conflict will be what day care to put all those brave Iranian soldiers.

  • Calling all Christian Rabbi’s—-Rabbits!

    Send your Easter Eggs to-

    And Israel!

  • And to make those Easter Eggs Kosher,–
    Put one in one of those square boxes you guys wear on your heads, and chant some prayer!
    Don’t bob up and down too much while praying,–
    you might end up with broken eggs on the floor!

  • History Repeats itself!
    I think it is time for you guys to start wearing
    the “Yellow” star of David again. Then remove yourselves from all facets of the American Government. We can then export you all,–with the help of the mothballed fleet of Liberty ships
    back to your “Illegally” founded state of Israel.

    After that, we —The American People,–can pursue warcrimes trials against the Bush administration.

    And then hang them with short ropes so they suffer for twenty minutes-on average like the nuremberg gang. But this time it won’t be a Jew
    oversee’er. It will be an honest American!

  • boys or jews or what ever u want us to tell u , iam iranian who live out side iran from prerevlution and i live in a arab state,and i know ur direction of thinking that this is ur promisland etc.. but u cant deniy the muslem liveing there now.. they r geougraphic facts now and u have to share the land with them in peace and democracey .. its this or u will be wiped out by the iranian human waives attace…during iraq iran war these boys where nearlly unarmed ,,, but now they r armed till the teath … and believe me they have the nuks ready from north korian .. so be fair even now despite its very late and they will have to accepte u like south africa or keep doing ur insanity and there will b no israel in less than 20 years

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