Sheikh Ashish of KoomKoom3’s daughter greets the crew

sinai_002.jpgYou all may have been wondering why some of us haven’t been posting recently. Well, early last week, after ROI120, a bunch of us decided to decompress by going somewhere with a pristine beach, beautiful scenery, and no Internet – so we hit Kum Kum 3 (koomkoom-shalosh) just north of Nuweiba in the Sinai. And yes – it was just what the doctor ordered. At least it was until the friggin rockets started flying. Well meaning people managed to track us down and begged us to return but we figured since all the action was going down in the North, we were safe under the protection of Sheikh Ashish and Harvard Hillel Rabbi Avi Poupko aka The Existentially Offended Rabbi, aka Sheikh Ibrahim.

We found out about the matsav on Thursday and we left back on Friday so for the bulk of the time we were in Sinai, we actually had a good, peaceful and relaxing time. Consequently, in memory of peaceful and happy times past and in the hope that happy times come back soon for us and for the rest of Israel, here are some pictures that we took in Sinai (that’s me with a puppy on the right by the way):

How do you spell contentment? LAYA
Laya is very happy to have nothing to do

Muffti and the Mountains – No Internet for you!!

Michelle Citrin and the kids
Singer/Songwriter Michelle Citrin and some of Sheikh Ashish’s kids

Muffti Aaron Small

L: Muffti rockin’ out the Kum Kum. R: Encino Yeled and Sheikh Ashish bonding. Encino Yeled was quite, uh… spiritually elevated that evening.

Poupko Lori at 20

L: Sheikh Ibrahim (Harvard Hillel Rabbi Poupko) saying something or another. R: Lori (who was on Michael and Esther’s Jewlicious trip) celebrating her 20th birthday Sinai/Jewlicious style

Word just came in that all Israelis in Arab countries are being recalled and urged to leave. *Sigh* We are all looking forward to the safe return of our soldiers and an end to the hostilities.

Fucking Hizbollah … Anyways, more pics on Flickr.

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  • Rabbi Yo: While Rabbi Poupko does have a kiddush cup stored for him (and any other Jew who wants to make kiddush on shabbat) at Kum Kum 3, we didn’t spend shabbat there. Shabbat in the Sinai takes serious preparation and we simply did not have the strength for that. We left friday and Lori, who had left earlier, bought us food at the shuk and we enjoyed a relaxing shabbat in Jerusalem. Well, relaxing but for the Katyushas and whatnot.

  • Great pictures! ck, has anyone ever told you that you’re a hottie? What girl could resist a guy with a puppy? 😉

  • Maybe I’m mistaken, but was that the ever elusive Elan Sherbal in those pictures with you guys? I’ve lost touch with him. Send him my love. And let him know that if he wants to work for Keshet again, then if he can get here by Thursday, there’s still a spot for him to return to camp.

  • I’ve been looking for info on this place but can’t find any. Do you have a phone # or something for reservations? Or do we just show up?

  • Once you cross the border into the Sinai at Tabah you can ask any of the drivers that mill around there to take you to KoomKoom Shalosh. I can dig up the number if you need it – both of a driver and of Sheikh Ashish who runs KoomKoom 3. Just give it a day or two.

  • Here we go Christopher. Have fun: 01220127385664 – that’s Sheikh Ashesh’s number – he runs the joint. He cn hoo you up with a driver who will meet you at the border or whatever. I’m sure there will be Hosha’s available.

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