muffti shakshoukaTook me a while to post this, mostly because I’m in denial that the Muffti has left us. Well, he’s left Israel and has made aliyah to Croatia. Or at least he’s visiting as part of his European tour.

But while he was here, he was photographed in a moment of spiritual awakening at the Kotel and consumed many Tuborgs and shakshoukas, although seldom together.

This photograph commemorates the last Israeli shakshouka, shortly before it was consumed by the Muffti while I shouted at his Israeli cabdriver who wanted to pick him up at a different time (15 minutes earlier) and in a different place (two blocks away at Misadat Sima, which apparently everyone except me knows) than was originally agreed upon, which resulted in the cooling of my breakfast, the elevation of my blood pressure and the slipping away of my final moments in the professor’s royal presence. Sigh.

But thanks to the magic of photography, whenever I see eggs and tomatoes chopped up and served together, I will think of this moment.

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