israeli_flag.jpgThat EST stands for Eastern Standard Time. Or maybe for ESTher, who’s posting this in what may be an encroachment on the middle’s regular Shabbat shalom posts. So call it an East Coast Shabbat greeting, and the middle can still do his post from another time zone.

But I also wanted to post this photo in honor of the last five weeks I spent in Israel having so many wonderful experiences: from the Oranim birthright bus (with special Jewlicious Shabbat programming) to the ROI120 conference and its amazing energy; from Kikar Zion to Rehavia to Emek Refaim; from the concert series at Mishkenot Sha’ananim to the Wine Festival, and from hotel rooms to all the couches I called home for two- or three- day or week stretches. I want to thank the bloggers and friends from many countries who helped me find my way as a freelancer moonlighting in the Holy Land, and to tell them that I hope to see them soon.

And of course, I also post this picture in expression of my wholehearted hope for peace and prayer for the well-being of the Israeli people.

Shabbat shalom from the tri-state area…

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