story.1746.celeb.leb.ap.jpgIsrael is now fighting a war on two fronts that it did not start, and what is the reaction of Kofi “blind to the truth” Annan? UN Secretary General Kofi Annan condemned Israel’s Lebanon offensive to get its two soldiers. Isn’t that helpful.

The US has taken a very strong position in support of Israel, but where are the sanctions against Syria?

The three weeks begin tomorrow, a period sadness and trials for the Jewish nation. The events of the last 24 hours remind one of the pain and suffering for klal yisroel during last summer’s forceful expulsion of Jews from Gaza. (To which we have been repaid in kind with over 1000 missiles)

Meanwhile, Lebanon continues to let Hezbollah —a multi-national terrorist outfit funded by madmen in Iran— control vast areas of its country, because frankly Hezbollah has them by the falafels.

Hezbollah is being called a militant organization on CNN. Hezbollah, a militant group, is based in Lebanon and holds seats in the country’s government. That’s right, they are not bloodthirsty Islamic Jihadists, but just a bunch of guys with some issues and AK-47’s…

Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah told reporters that “direct negotiations” would be the only way to gain the return of the soldiers and that their capture was “our natural, only and logical right.”

Logical right? This Sheik is sick and twisted and nothing short of a cruise missile is good enough for him.

We all pray for the soldiers’ release and Israel’s safety.

UPDATE: Israeli Cabinet authorizes ‘severe and harsh’ response to kidnapping of its two soldiers by Hezbollah, PM’s office says.

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  • Is Hezbollah coordinating its strategy with Hamas? Is this an attempt to ease the pressure on Gaza? Or is this just another instance of head-scratching folly on the part of Israel’s foes?

    Maybe these guys just like having the crap kicked out of them by the IDF. It’s probably a mistake to impute much rationality to them.

  • They are calculated cold hearted killers taking the opportunity to open a new flank against Israel, Tom. I say Iran is pulling the strings.

  • oh come on! can’t they just put laxatives in the Lebanese water supply? Does Rabbenu Yonah really think the Sheik is worth the millions of dollars that go into one cruise missile??

  • Not a cruise missle, but a couple tons of dumb bombs on his head would do the trick. Must be a way to calculate the marginal benefits and the consumer surplus. Is exiled yerushalmi in London?

  • This war is significantly different. Israel is not fighting “national liberation” sort-of-Marxist groups but Jihaddist, not fighting “national” Arab armies but religious fanatics. How would Israel react?

  • That’d be the secret weapon of, say, the Russians fighting the Muslim extremists, but Israel secret weapon is the love of Hashem for his people, and the trigger? Tshuva.

    I hope many people are are observing today’s fast. I’m not Jewish but a Noachide and I’m observing the fast in solidarity with the people of Israel.

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