GA LAEvery year, the United Jewish Communities (UJC) holds a conference for representatives of Jewish Federations across the country; it’s in a different city each year. This year it’s in Los Angeles from November 12-15, 2006. (If a generous donor or corporate sponsor agrees to sponsor my airfare, hotel, and car rental, I’d be happy to cover it for someone…)

I was poking around the GA page on the UJC site, and clicked on the link to the Westin Bonaventure, the official hotel for UJC conferenceers, and saw among the site sections (“Accommodations,” “Specials & Packages,” etc) a click tab for “Weddings/Mitzvahs.” (I understood–there wasn’t enough room on the line for “Bar/Bat Mitzvahs” and they didn’t want to leave the “Bat” out…)

Clicking on the tab brings you to a page about the kinds of wedding packages they have available, but no sign of the aforepromised “mitzvahs.” I therefore concluded that clicking on the tab itself was the mitzvah, like the hunger site or the breast cancer site.

And this has been my internal chuckle of the day. And if y’all wanna go and click on those hunger or breast cancer sites (there’s also one for children’s health, books for kids, saving the rainforest, animal rescue and maybe a few others), maybe that will provide the mitzvahs, even if the Westin’s site didn’t.

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