Apparently, Jewschool poster Cole Krawitz doesn’t know how to embed YouTube movies in a post. But I do! So here is a movie of a “die in” (yes, just like the hippies used to do in the 60s!) that took place in Penn Station. It was part of a “day of coordinated actions across the country … organized by a wide spectrum of American Jews committed to peace and justice in Palestine, Israel and the entire region.”

Pay close attention to the participant interviews. “As a Human being, and an American and a Jew…” Looks like these people have learnt well from their Republican adversaries and are using talking points, pre-packaged sound bites, to get their message across. And what’s the message? It’s all Israel’s fault and we’re ashamed. Israel is committing genocide and war crimes in Gaza and Lebanon.

Uh… there is however the small matter of Katyushas, Qassam rockets, cross border attacks, kidnappings, murders and suicide bombers that these fine people failed to address. Oh, I guess that must have been edited out or something.

And the addle-minded little old ladies were in attendance too! Please note the august presence of veteran civil rights activist Dorothy Zellner. Dorothy was a an early member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and apparently had a hand in designing the Black Panther logo, back in the day. These days she’s focused oh shitting on Israel every chance she has. She also works at the powerhouse law school at CUNY. As befits the overall non-entity status of the event, THIS post is the most publicity the non-event got.

Like I said, my jewish conscience is clear and these freaks deluded individuals speak for no one but themselves.

Please note: Jewschool is a group blog featuring over 30 contributors from 5 countries. Cole’s post is not neccessarily representative of all the other Jewschool members, or its editor Dan Sieradski. Please also note that all Cole did was post the video. There was no comment attached, either pro or anti. Despite the general tone of this post, we like Cole a lot!

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • And let’s not forget having relatives in Israel and being related to Holocaust survivors gives a tremendous amount of credence to their arguements.

  • These idiots would have defended Hilter. It’s unbelievable! Israel is being attacked by their genocidal Islamic terrorists neighbors and their the bad ones!? These Jewish terrorists appeasers fit the defination of Judenrats.

  • OK relax everybody. These people are not savages. They’re also not terrorists, kapos or members of the Judenrat.

    They’re just painfully misguided, naive, stupid and in some cases, quite possibly insane.

  • ck get over yourself–there’s a difference b/n technology not working and not knowing how to do things…

    and there was a message–the message was that this war wasn’t good for anyone.

  • Much better than war…letting your country’s soldiers get kidnapped while your residents get bombarded by missles. Uhhh…

  • Cole: I was kidding Cole. You ought to relax a little. I got the message of your post on Jewschool. And my post here had nothing to do with technical issues. It had to do with the notion, Cole dear, that nothing is quite as black and white as your friends make things out to be. There is nothing immoral about defending yourself. Oh and self-hatred is really unbelievably unnattractive!

  • Cole: the message “This war wasn’t good for anyone” was not the message or else it would have been a “die in” that included the facts that Jews died and there would have been a call to Moslems to end the violence as well.

  • This Cole idiot is never welcome around me. I’d rather deal with a terrorist than a filthy Jewish rat sell-out. I have nothing but comtempt for these Kapo Jews and suggest that if they want to perform a real die-in, they should move to the Israel-Lebanon border and absorb missle attacks. Trade places with Jews that want to live.

  • I say you Jews need to just let go of Israel peacefully. Enough is enough. Do you really think it’s worth it anymore? They turned you into the same kind of killers they are. This can’t be what G-d wanted for you.

  • I nearly vomited while watching this, I was hoping at the end they would stay dead, I keed I keed. But seriously there must have been a shortage of Ralph Nader campaign activists that day

  • ergh, this makes me sick, get me a barf bag. when the world starts another holocaust, i wanna know where these anti-israel self hating jews are going to run. hmm…something tells me hizbollah wont exactly run to protect them. misguided is an understatement.

  • Idiot goy boy is an insult to all goys. I’m a goy who is 1000% pro-Israel. Jews have every right to their homeland. They will never go down to the level of the barbaric Arabs. Jews respect life and try to minimize civilians casualties but it’s impossible when your enemy uses women and children as human shields. Long live Israel!

  • I repeat it’s time to let Israel go. Why? Because when you murder and murder and murder because the other side murders and murders and murders, it’s not worth it anymore. Lay down your arms. Let it go. Keep your dignity. You can’t beat them in the turf war if you have to keep killing and killing to keep them at bay. Come to America. Come to your real home.

  • thank you nina for adding some quality rational thought to the comments 🙂 thank you goy boy for showing once again that you’re quite foolish and completely uninformed on the subject

  • I think part of the whole idea of Jewish self-determination was not having to take marching orders from gentiles with no conception of your history or respect for your own desires. I’m sure if America was our real home, it would have been mentioned somewhere in those 4000 years of textual record of Jewish existence, but for some reason it seems to center mostly around Israel…

    So kindly fuck off.

  • So, I get called an idiot and am told to kindly fuck off. Whatever. You guys will lose in the long run. I don’t want it to happen, but it will. This is your real home now. Maybe someone could respond without cursing at me. You need my support. You need the Goys and you know it.

  • Maybe someone can have a conversation with this Goy Boy without cursing. I”m not a Jew, Muslim, nor a Christian. Tell me, how is YOUR determination to have this land any different than theirs? Go ahead . . . each side keep fighting, keep justifying, but if you believe in G-d, you will have to explain it all to Him. Terrorists are more ruthless but I don’t trust either side, as they both are intended on killing, killing, killing, killing, killing, killing.

  • Here’s the thing–I far from hate myself, or my people. It’s an easy argument for you to make, but ultimately flawed–and ultimately not really the issue is it. I can have a sense of humor ck, but you keep making comments on Jewschool and here about me–don’t make it about me make it about the issue b/c that’s what it’s about.

  • I don’t know what is more upsetting: the conviction that killing innocent civilians is justified or the conviction that you would rather defile a fellow jew as a Judenrat because she or he does not believe that ideology an excuse for killing innocents.

    You can believe in Israels right ot exist without beliveing that Israel always handles itself and its position correctly.

    I am sorry to say that I am becomming more disenchanted every day with Jewlicious.

    Shame. You have such beautiful minds and souls, but seemed to have forgotten about rachmones.

  • What I dislike about these type of direct action protests is that they reduce their entire line of reasoning to a media-friendly soundbite such as “U.S. Jews Stand Against Israel’s War Crimes.” As every one of those protesters well knows, their actions will not induce immediate effects (whatever those may be). And therefore, they simply have a hypnotic visual on a sidewalk that calls out to loudmouthed, inflammatory rubberneckers instead of encouraging actual dialogue about the issue(s) at hand. More often than not, people who put themseves front and center in high-risk or high-publicity protests are not the same people who are (also) committed to the long-term, full-of-drudgery, paperwork-and-organizing sort of activism that creates change and paradigm shift on small and large scales.

  • ho, goy boy, for us bible believers it is 100% permissible to kill, yes to kill, anyone who want us out of israel (and acts upon that want). killing shmilling, once one has let go of his soul by trying ot eradicate us, he is considered legally dead. we are just rekilling.

  • Cole,

    You said:

    Here’s the thing–I far from hate myself, or my people. It’s an easy argument for you to make, but ultimately flawed–and ultimately not really the issue is it.

    I’m entirely sympathetic to your view, but there’s one aspect of your response with which I’d disagree: Calling someone a self-hating Jew because of his politics isn’t an “argument” at all, but a personal smear, a cheap ad hominem attack that alleges no facts capable of refutation. On the other hand, I’ve found that constant overuse of the “self-hating-Jew” card has rendered the accusation – immediately behind that of “Ortho-bashing” – as the single most yawn-inducing epithet in the English language. And though you may wonder why the hell that just seems to be the way things work around here, I’d say that’s what happens when you combine a bottomless reservoir of entitlement and self-pity with a unwavering conviction in one’s moral infallibility.

    As to your argument, I think I’m on pretty safe ground when I say that I don’t think there’s anyone alive that hates the Occupation more than I do, or who believes that its continued existence constitutes the most lethal and insidious threat to the viability of Israel’s existence as a democratic society. Nonetheless, there’s a question I have about the position you and these protesters have embraced, one that you may have answered previously, but that I’ve never seen addressed. To wit: if I understand correctly, the position of the protesters is not that the Palestinians are being oppressed as a result of the Occupation, or that Israel should bring about – or be forced to bring about – an equitable two-state solution through true territorial compromise. Instead, the claim is that the United States has been complicit in Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians for “the past 58 years,” i.e., since the establishment of the State of Israel itself. Perhaps there’s some other inference to be drawn, but the only way it appears to me that statement can be read is that very existence of a Jewish state in Israel constitutes a per se act of oppression against the Palestinians. What makes this position untenable for me is not only the fact that it is equivalent to the anti-Semitic canard that Zionism is racism, but its very practical political implications. Specifically, if the oppression of the Palestinians is contiguous with the establishment of a Jewish national homeland, then a just solution to that oppression cannot be found in the establishment of a Palestinian state in the occupied territory under Israel’s control, but only through a complete dismantling of the Israeli state as currently organized. I’d appreciate it if you could comment whether or not this interpretation is accurate.

  • “Self-hating Jew” as a personal smear: david smith, you make some valid points. This designation is often misused and thus diminishing its impact. However, this doesn’t change the possibility that sometimes, sometimes it just might be appropriate. As for the facts, well – the video ought to speak for itself, but if it doesn’t, allow me to explain.

    The individuals in the video identify as Jews and accuse Israel’s attack of South lebanon as being “rife and replete with war crimes…” Another accused Israel of committing actual Genocide, bringing in the fact that her grandmother is a holocaust survivor in order to lend weight to her argument. The interviewees made it a point to show that as Jews they were ashamed of what other Jews were doing and supporting “in their names” and that they wished to distance themselves from klal yisrael in this respect. I don’t know – I definitely sensed some self-loathing there. But as you know, I’m not very smart. And all that bottomless unwavering stuff you wrote about. I’m those too.

    Also, your interpretation is somewhat accurate. The activists in question may have varying ideas as to what might constitute justice for the Palestinian people. Some might believe in a two state solution with a right of return, others might believe in the creation of a single secular democratic state of Palestine with perhaps a system of Cantons etc. What they do often have in common though, is that they associate with and lend support to others who would unequivocally like nothing less than the complete dismantling of the State of Israel. I mean, if you really believe the state and the people are committing friggin genocide, what other solution is there?

  • ck:

    Well, as you’ve pointed out, I’m afflicted with certain bovine characteristics of my own, so I suppose we share those same deficiencies of intellect and character. That circumstance notwithstanding, I appreciate the civility of your response. Whatever else is true, I realize that your sense of having been aggrieved is as acute as my own, a fact that doesn’t lend itself all that easily even to the modest goal of civility.

    As to the self-hating-Jew epithet, I agree that there are, indeed, individuals to whom its attribution is clearly appropriate. For that matter, I’ve often felt that an inference of anti-Semitism is frequently justified on the basis circumstantial evidence, as opposed to those who insist that such a conclusion is unwarranted absent a signed affidavit declaring “I hate kikes.” Indeed, though I’m acutely distressed by reflexive or self-serving accusations of anti-Semitism, it also seems to me the conceptual distinction between a hatred of Israel and a hatred of Jews is often the focus of excessive hairsplitting. For that reason, I try to welcome the perspective of those with more exacting standards than mine, since, to my mind, the anti-Semitism of, say, Mearsheimer and Walt is a virtually self-evident proposition.

    With respect to the suggestion that Cole is a self-hating Jew, my concern is that the claim may be more of a response to his political stance than to Cole himself. Though I disagree rather basically with Cole’s identity politics and many of the assumptions that inform his analysis generally, I’ve never seen anything to suggest that his beliefs and activism are motivated by anything but a genuine and abiding affection for his Jewish faith and the fate of the Jewish People. On the other hand, I do believe the phenomenon of the self-hating Jew is that is real, one with which it seems entirely plausible that many Jewish participants in the “die-ins” may be afflicted. That’s not to suggest that Jewish self-hatred constitutes some kind of precise diagnosis, but that it uniquely captures such odious phenomena as Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein.

    Finally, I have to agree that a repudiation of Zionism seems to be implicit in the politics of the “die-ins,” whatever the objectives and sincerity of their Jewish participants. Alas, that circumstance should remind us of the existence of a fairly small, though ruthlessly single-minded, contingent of humanity that wallows in a sewer of paranoia, racism, and irrational hatred, and would happily contribute to the deaths of God-only-knows how many Jews, if the opportunity arose. Perhaps more ominously, though, it reminds us of the far, far greater share of the world’s population that has no particular antipathy to the Jews, much less any murderous intent, but which would respond to the destruction of Israel with a barely a shrug of indifference. Given that state of affairs, it strikes me as truly obscene that those of us sincerely committed to the Zionist dream and the prosperity of the Jewish People would dissipate our efforts in petty internecine battles fueled by vanity and pride.

  • When all the crazies realize that god is not their personal real estate agent and that every god is against murder, progress will be made. Until that day, the blood will flow like a river.

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