The newest little bite of Jewliciousness has up and left Brooklyn and is, as we speak, in Montreal, Canada. This time of year is pretty much THE best time to be in Montreal and needless to say, she will have an excellent time. Here’s what she wrote on her other blog:

I absolutely can’t wait to be in Montreal. The first cafe listed in the Lonely Planet guide book is one that’s named after the owner’s dachshund. There are markets that sell raw-milk cheese. There are boutiques that I have not walked by a thousand times already. There are beautiful streets and churches and a giant underground city. It will be very exciting to go on a real vacation, not just a visit to an as-yet-undiscovered-by-me neighborhood in Brooklyn. Yes, it’s neat that there are cafes and bars I’d never noticed before on Fulton and Lafayette, within walking distance of my apartment. But this will be another city entirely. In another country entirely. Hurray!

So if we never hear from her again, well, at least we got a clever South Park video and we can comfort ourselves in the knowledge that she’ll be communing with the ghost of Mordechai Richler and the spirit of Leonard Cohen. Oh and she can go to my Mom and Dad’s place and have shakshuka any time. They even speak French, oui, oui!

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  • She should make sure to walk up Mount Royal, I do that usually twice per visit. It is that cool.

    My favorite area is the port area it is quite a walk but at least downhill starting out. It is in the direction of the Science museum.

    Don’t bother w/ Old Montreal, it is a total bore.

    Walk around downtown, I don’t bother w/ St. Catherines anymore, I know at one time it was the thing. It is too suburban teeny booper at this point.

    A nice Shabbat walk is to go towards the other way I think towards Hampstead on Sherbrooke about 2 miles brings you to the shule, Shaary Shamayim. It claims to be fully Orthodox, well it pushes the envelope quite a bit, but is basically a fun place. It that is too liberal there is of course a frum shteibel nearby, ask the Rabbi there.

    Food of course is the best, go even to any supermarket.

    Food of course I bring on my own, but that is bec. of Kosher, I mean cheapness.

    Beer, of course you must take the large bottle of Labbatts. They don’t have this in the USA.

    Then there are some nice coffeeshops, second cup, others, bottom of st. Urbain.

    There is a good bakery in the Chassidish area, it is open Friday like real late, like 10 minutes bef. Shabbat it seems. OK prices, good product, you feel as in Brooklyn.

    Where are you staying, well you will tell us of course. Then there is Van Horn. But you sort of need a car. It encompasses most of the frum Jews of the city, sorted by Hashkafa.

    I was thinking of coming up this weekend so lets do a Jewlicious meetup, Channelite style.


  • being a 15 year veteran of the montreal jazz festival, I would have to say July is the best time to be there 🙂 this year was the year of seu george!!!

  • since when is Shaary Shamayim orthodox? I was under the impression that it went conservative well over a decade ago.

  • Nope. The main Shule, which is truly a magnificient building in that it is styles after the large Eastern European shuls has the Ezrat Nashim upstairs.

    For the summer, when most of their members are away, they relax it a bit.

    They use a side shule there, that has a kind of floral Mechitza.

    Women do not daven or lain Torah, but one or 2 will say something during davening, I forget what exactly something along the lines of a Mi Sheberach.

    That’s about it. They also use some kind of microphone, but it is all under the approval of the Tzomet institute in Jerusalem.

    Their Rav if he still is, was a well Known Orthodox Rabbi from Atlanta I think his name is Rabbi Feldman. He did make Aliyah but he can’t stay full time in Jerusalem bec. of this gig, which he doesn’t want to do anymore, but supposedly they cannot find anyone so you may want to send me your resume and I can get you an interview. if you are a Rabbi looking for a fairly nice job.

    That is, they can’t find someone intellectual and accomplished enough for the main constituents, who
    are amongst the most wealthy, in North America, and at the same time, keep and interest the rising upper middle class women of the area who want to feel comfortable wearing leather pants on a summers day to Shule ( I saw this), and keep things moving toward the standard of the more lib Orthodox shules like in Jerusalem in the San Simon area. the name escapes me, Laya I think goes there.

    It is the closest shule to downtown.

    I like to stay downtown and not in that Comfort Inn in Van Horn.

    I like to walk to Mount Royal after lunch on Shabbat.

    The only other alternative is to walk to Belz. this is a shlepp and a non user friendly walk as you have to go on this kind of a highway as youleave d.t.

    ALtho this I do for mincha- maariv sometimes. It is a nice area there, the old St. Urbain, parts of it are very yuppified, but very French also, you see them sitting in their restaraunts singing public French songs.

  • Women look thinner and taller in a skirt than they do in pants. Showing the knee is for fools. The knee is a bump on the leg which interrupts the line, and shortens you. But people who wear leather in the summer aren’t thinking clearly anyway. The mechitza is necessary but I like a good sight line to the action.