Oyhoo Music Award Nominee, Rav Shmuel for Best Singer Songwriter 2006

If you want to do something positive today (among the many other positive things that you may do, like have a nice brunch or dinner or begin your Rosh Hashanah preparations), Rav Shmuel needs your vote! Author of the hilarious anthem Protocols of the Elders of Zion and many other politically incorrect songs (remember Its a beautiful Country?). Also a social critic and spiritual activist, Rav Shmuel also has some of the funniest/serious satirical songs you’ll ever hear. He rocked the house at the Jewbilation Concert Finale, at last years Jewlicious @ The Beach gathering.

So its really important to visit Oyhoo.com and follow the link for voting at the bottom of the page Let’s Make sure that Rav Shmuel beats Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen for this year’s award. They are more like the patriarches of Jewish music, and hardly need more accolades.

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  • I was surprised that there is thank G-d no mention of bloggers on this event, Jewish or otherwise, hehhe. THo I am sure, we will have the usual suspect posing for the cameras.

  • actually, jewschool is a media partner
    and some of the members of the ‘academy of journalists,’ including myself (though i’m also an editor at zeek), were chosen because of being jewish bloggers (yes, counted in the category of a journalist)