How. Friggin. Embarassing.
A recent survey shows that 31% of all Canadians think Israel’s actions were a “primary cause” of 9/11. The figure for Quebec was 38% of respondents. Jack Jedwab, director of the Montreal-based Association for Canadian Studies stated that

…the Jewish community should be concerned that a sizeable minority of Canadians overall are ready to blame Israel for 9/11. “It will be a big challenge to change their minds. A lot of work and dialogue is needed to help people better understand why the Jewish community, legitimately, feels differently.”

Or maybe it’s just that poutine and back bacon promote hardening of arteries and gut wrenching stupidity? Maybe it’s just an issue of better diet – didja think about that Jack? You can read the entire article in the Canadian Jewish News. Tip of the toque to Judeopundit – yet another JBlog with a huuuuge blogroll that doesn’t include Jewlicious. What’s up with that??

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  • Well, if they mean in terms of recruitment and inspiration, they may have a point. If they mean Israel orchestrated it in any way, of course that’s absurd.

    But it was, according to Bin Mumzer himself, “a” primary cause, if not “the” primary cause. One primary cause among three.

  • If every Jew packed up and closed shop in Israel and never went back, nothing would change: we would be the cause of some other thing, and the Arabs et al. would have something else to bitch about. To slide this to another area of debate: why are the Egyptians and Saudi’s worried about Iran and nukes? After Israel, they will be next, even if just in terms of fallout. Canada is a nice place: to visit.

  • This is just stupid, Muffti thinks. The sentence that garnered this statistic was, according to the CJC article referenced:

    9/11 was at least partly the result of Israel’s actions in the Middle East

    Notice hte present of ‘at least partly’. Read weakly enough, Muffti might even be willing to agree to this.

    And take it from Muffti and CK: Canada is a great place to live. It’s just kinda cold.

  • So the answer is to stop the denial and leave Canada for Israel. Please don’t let history repeat itself.

    Shana tova Jewlicious staff and community.
    May we meet next year in the rebuilt Jerusalem.

  • When you’re better aquatinted with these kinds of ‘general social surveys’ you come away with the knowledge that just about 1/3 of any nation’s citizens are just stone cold crazy on many, many different dimensions. It’s a sad fact. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • What’s up with that??

    I am a little put off by this blog’s slight aura of non-tzniuskeit, but you guys do have a lot of blog-talent. I have linked to individual posts. And I’m not on your blogroll either.

    All the best–kesivah vechasimah tovah,


  • Do you want to be on our blogroll? All you have to do is ask. Sorry about the (diplomaticlly worded) slight aura of non-tzniuskeit – we get a bit of grief for that sometimes, especially with a Hassidic Rabbi as one of our beloved writers. But we try to be good – o lord how we try.

  • I believe the evidence shows bin Laden’s main beef was with US(Western infidel) troops stationed on his homeland, Saudi Arabia, since the 1992 US War with Iraq, not Israel at all.

    Given Canada’s high leftwing populace and VJ’s observation, I’m surprised Israel got off with as little blame as it did. Another reason for the low percentage could be that a share of the left believe it was a homegrown politial event staged by Bush, and not bin Laden at all.

    I know it’s hard to believe, but true.

  • Nathan is right. Even if everyone in Israel did pack up and leave, the Shias and Sunnis would be fighting it out within a week. Tops.

  • C’mon, what psycho steals comment names to spread vitriol on this of all days? Oh, a hate-mongering psycho, of course. Ya punk-ass piece of…

  • It’s a hate-mongering psycho punk-ass comment name stealer Rob. Not yours truly, the original Jim R.