What's left over?Just little leftover bits and pieces of things I haven’t been able to fully post about:

Shutup fool! Dissident Veteran For Peace, previous victim of a Jewlicious prank, doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone apparently. DFVP demands to know if American Apparel supports divestment against Israel and if Dov Charney ever served in the IDF. AA hack Weronika does not shy away from confrontation and responds to the Blogger’s challenge without equivocation on the American Apparel Blog: “Yey for political debate, but nay to holding the State of Isreal to a double standard. Yey for peace, but like any other nation, Israel should be able to protect its security.”

Hizballah Rally invades Hipster Haven: Last Thursday at the archway near Prospect Park in Brooklyn, at the intersection of hipster neighbourhoods Park Slope and uh… North Park Slope, a pro Hizballah rally took place. Sponsors including Al-Awda: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition clearly expected a lot more than the 30 or so losers that showed up. Check out this dude and this dude forced to carry all the excess signage, flags and banners themselves. What the hell… they look like they could use the excercise. Check out video footage shot by a guy wearing an exploding Muhamad t-shirt and an American flag.

Oxfeld pulls a Koufax: He don’t roll on Yom Kippur – much anticipated New York Magazine blog delays launch because the Jewish Gawker alum and one of the most important Jews in America suddenly realized that he had to go to shul. The blog will launch next Monday, on Columbus Day. Screw the wops!

The return of Krucoff: Gawker Mascot and adopted Jewlicious son won an online auction for lunch for 4 with an editor at Architectural Digest. Lunch will take place at the Conde Naste Cafeteria in the very building where Krucoff was escorted out by security and told never to return. Krucoff, who writes for some kind of gym blog now, promises to let us know what happens.

Yom Kippur Stuff We Decided to Pass on: Al-Zarqawi’s Mom wishes her Jewish readers a good Yom Kippur, “I know it is not being the day of happiness for you but for Afifah any day the Jew must confront his sins is a day of bliss making! Although I am not understanding how one day is being enough time!” Mila Kunis from That Seventies Show is Jewish and shares her Five Rules To An Easy Yom Kippur Fast. Rule 1 involves eating 2 pounds of ham and bacon … Oy!

How does it really feel… to be a drunken Mel Gibson driving around Santa Monica getting drunk on Tequilla and avoiding flying Stars of David hurled at you by Hassidic Jews? Huh? Play the online game So You think You Can Drive Mel? and find out today!

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  • you shouldn’t have lumped all of these topics together the rally deserved a post space within itself. All those ex hippies there are a riot. Anyone notice all the Commie propaganda. They stand hand in hand with our enemies. That is the real conspiracy. Communism + Islamo Facists!

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