I have been disgusted many times listening to the imposter and traitor Dovid Weiss of Nothing Kosher USA. His demeanor and existence are shocking and disgusting. Claims to be a Rabbi, though has no official Rabbinic position. He attended a class with a fringe Rabbi in Monsey, and makesa living selling BS.

But it is not enough for Weiss to parade around the USA attending Israel-Hate-Fests, he has developed and nurtured a warm friendship with the biggest Jew hater on planet Earth—Iranian tyrant, demagogue, Jew-hater, and all around Haman.

In this recent video, Dovid Weiss (who I have personally heard lie about Jews, the Torah, Talmud and Judaism) and a group of his brainwashed henchmen meet with Ahmaneedajob, yimach shmo.

If you watch it, make sure to hold a barf bag.

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Rabbi Yonah


  • Every group has dilusional lunatics. Thankfully they are an extreme minority. It sucks that they seem to garner alot of attention, but so is the way of things. They are sick. The chillul Hashem they commit…… I will pray for them.

  • Ironically, for a group that criticizes non-Zionism at every turn, Jewlicious has a real problem recognizing religious Fundamentalism in the non-Zionist Jewish community, but only publicly concedes there is a problem at the Zionist and of course, anti-Zionist extremes.

  • if they were extreme, ah, but what about all the charedim that do not serve in the army?
    whatever argument they may have and they have plenty..any healthy young person who does not serve in the IDF and is a citizen is for me anti zionism . I served in the army and i am not a slut or anti religious as these people will have you believe.
    I saw so many religious girls in the dorms at the university living it up with the boys that the idea that the IDF is a place of corruption is absurd.
    i say make all citizens contribute their part to defend the land of israel..these clowns have much too much time on their hands–send them to basic training, enough with the kuni lemels!

  • I disagree with the use of the term “yemach sh’mo” here.

    It should have been “yemach sh’mum.”

  • sigal – according to the latest available stats upwards of 30% of non-charedi youth also get exempted from the army. The cafes and discos of Tel Aviv are full of these kids who brag about avoiding service and make fun of the friars who are in the army. Please dont make this into another dati/chiloni fight.

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