cizik.jpgImportant moral issues can make strange alliances. An article in todays LA Times highlights the mission of Green Evangelists to spread the Gospel of Green—That God’s world needs care and protection. Amen. Imagine — Rabbi Yonah and the most powerful Evangelical lobbiest have more in common that our love for Israel.

IN Hollywood, the white knight in the fight against global warming is Al Gore, whose film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” was received with great media hoopla when it arrived in theaters earlier this year. But in much of the rest of America, the man spearheading the battle against catastrophic climate change is someone you’d never see at the Ivy, hobnobbing with the Bush-hating, abortion-allowing, carbon footprint calculating nabobs of Hollywood elitism.

Going against the grain, and taking on many even in his own community, Rev. Richard Cizik of the National Assn. of Evangelicals, America’s most influential Christian lobbying group, representing 45,000 churches and roughly 30 million believers across the country, believes that the world better do someting FAST about Global Warming.

So see the film A Great Warming, and see if that has more of an effect that Al Gore’s attempt to raise the public’s concern that we are roasting ourselves. It features lots of Green Theists. (Any green Rabbis???)

He also thinks that “there won’t be a Republican running for the White House in ’08 who isn’t with us on this issue.” And that will be a huge revolution.

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  • My Rabbi is a Green Rabbi. He’s working hard to change gears at our shul and make us more responsible environmentally. We had two viewings of Inconvenient Truth this weekend and are participating in the COEJL’s A Light Among the Nations program. He’s also a veggie and is always willing to talk about eco-Kashrut and vegetarianism…