Introducing Israel’s most popular ambassadors

Meet Lital “Tasha” Mizel and Adi “Dishka” Frimmerman. These two young ladies live in Ramle, Israel and thanks to a video they put together in Tasha’s bedroom, are the most popular ambassadors in the country’s history (sorry Eytan Schwartz). Here it is, give it a gander:

Their video has been viewed 10,025,942 times on YouTube. It has been favorited by 16,926 YouTubers, it has generated an incredible 7158 comments (making self-important JBlogs like ours look chumpy) and it has even inspired a parody video by Actor/Director Kevin Smith (Silent Bob/Clerks). Most remarkably though, this phenomena has come to the attention of the usually staid, clueless Jerusalem Post!

I thought Carolyne Glick had the computers set up to not be able to access anything fun on the Internet at offices of the Jerusalem Post! But the article wasn’t perfect – a full third of it dealt with something or other political involving Michelle Malkin. Note to jerusalem Post: more stuff about happy women jumping around, less stuff about right wing demagoguettes. Oh and they also added in a requisite plug for an Israeli competitor to YouTube, something called MetaCafe.

Meanwhile, Tasha and Dishka have become shills for yet another video hosting site run by Israeli cell phone provider CellCom called heep. I guess someone found out that Google just bought YouTube for $1.9 billion worth of Google stock…

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