One of the great things that happened at Hillel’s Just For A Day was meeting Jewish students from around the country who flew in for the GA-LA. One of those was Adam from University of Michigan who inquired about my Jewlicious 3.0 walking billboard t-shirt that Rachel (Bookstein) had made for the Beach Hillel crew.

Adam is one of the founders of Jewish Student Weekly, a free e-newsletter/magazine distributed online about Jewish student life and issues. The first issue I saw is amazing, runs 27 pages (yes that is 27 pages and they have flashy real ads in it). It is a very ambitious project, and very important. In Adam’s words:

There are important things to think about like the countdown to fantasy football, show times for Borat and hours of operation for your local cyclotron. Scratch the last one. Then there are important Jewish things to think about like the people, news and issues impacting our generation. Enter Jewish Student Weekly. JSW is a free e-newsletter for young Jewish adults across North America. We profile fascinating students, analyze the important issues impacting our community and share occasional Seinfeld quotes.

JSW is completely student-run, and if you subscribe, you can win five pounds of chocolate-chip challah. Sign up online at www.jewishstudentweekly.com and email them ideas at jewishstudentweekly_at_gmail_dot_com.

JSW is clearly unhindered by the contraints of publishing on paper, distribution, and so-forth, the common difficulty of old-media journalism. JSW is headed for great things, I encourage everyone to sign up and see where this revolution in Jewish student journalism will take us.

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