The first in a series of posts about Jews and coffee

Those who know me know I love coffee. One of my students from UCLA, Jonathan P. brought me a delicious bag of Ugandan coffee from the Mirembe Kawomera Cooperative and the Thanksgiving Coffee Company. TCC have high moral and ethical ambitions and Jewish roots. Not the kind of Jews that make the international scandal sheets for rigging contracts and bringing down powerful politicians that were on their payroll. But another kind of Jew, the tikkun-olam yid that is out there trying to run an ethical and ecologically sensitive company:

Founded in 1972 by Joan and Paul Katzeff, Thanksgiving Coffee has long been a pioneer in transforming the coffee business. Our philosophy blends business and politics; our goal is to be a force for change in support of social and economic justice, and environmental sustainability.

The light roast coffee deserves it’s name “delicious peace.” According to the website: Mirembe Kawomera (mir´em bay cow o mare´a) means “delicious peace” in the Ugandan language Luganda. It is the name of a Ugandan cooperative of Jewish, Muslim, and Christian coffee farmers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • I’m a coffee junkie myself too and I think that’s a delightful idea. One gets good coffee, donates at the same time to a worthy cause, and a good message gets heard.